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The System Status webpage was created in attempt to foster a partnership between the UK Community and UKAT. We hope to update the System Status webpage with any potential or current system outages and tweet out to the handle “@UKATSTATUS” any real time updates. If you notice any changes to IT Services, please give the Service Desk a call at 859-218-4357 or email at

Friday   12/19/14 - 1:31 AM


The security incident which manifested itself yesterday as a denial of service on the UK network has been marginalized, but has not completely stopped. Since last night, it has stopped and started several times and appears to modify its mode of operation each time. It has not negatively impacted the network’s overall performance as it did yesterday. If you experience poor network response times or perceive network degradation, please contact the UKAT Service Desk.

If you are experiencing an outage please contact the Service Desk at or by phone at (859) 218-(Help) 4357

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