Distance Learning Faculty

Grant Opportunities

The Information Technology Services (ITS) Grant Program invites faculty to apply for funding to develop a Distance Learning course; or develop and/or revise a series of courses in a new or existing Distance Learning program. A Distance Learning program, as defined by SACS, is a formal educational process in which the majority of the instruction in a course occurs when students and instructors are not in the same place.  Students in those courses pay a Distance Learning course fee, which helps support this program.

The focus of this grant is the design of courses and programs that transform classroom interaction and engage students with the instructor via an additional integration of distance learning pedagogical approaches for your particular course. ITS staff can demonstrate University supported technologies to help create engaging learning experiences and/or meet with you to discuss your proposal. Contact miranda.hines@uky.edu to set-up an appointment. 

The program will support the following:

· Development of new a distance learning course(s)

· Revision of an existing distance learning course(s)

Awards will generally be $3,000 per 3-hour credit course for new courses and $1,500 for revised 3-hour credit courses (amounts pro-rated based on the number of credit hours offered). A recipient can receive up to but no more than 4 active distance learning awards at one time. Grants in blocks of up to four related courses to support online program development are encouraged. In addition to the awarded funds, ITS will provide assistance with instructional design, course media consultation, and course and programmatic assessment.

Request for Proposals: New Distance Learning Course

Request for Proposals: Revised Distance Learning Course