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Request an In Memoriam (Posthumous) Degree

If a UK student has passed away during the course of their studies at UK, the department (perhaps in consultation with the student's family) can request that the student be considered for an In Memoriam (posthumous) degree. This is an honorary degree that can be bestowed upon a student if the student was in a UK degree-seeking status and was in good academic standing; the student's progress towards a degree is not relevant.

If a student passes away but has completed all requirements for the degree they were seeking, the student is authorized to retroactively have conferred upon them a regular earned degree, as opposed to an honorary degree.

Please contact Sheila Brothers ( in the Senate Council office for more information about the process required to grant a student an In Memoriam degree, for information on how the student's family can be involved in a Commencement ceremony if they so desire, and whether an honorary or earned degree is appropriate.