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Rules & Regulations

University Senate Rules (USR)

"USR in Microsoft Word (changes incorporated)" is the official version.

Changes to Senate Rules from August 2018 - December 2018

  • Proposed Change to Senate Rules 5.4.1 (“Courses Taken on a Pass/Fail Basis”) (PDF) [September 10, 2018]
    • Permits an instructor, who is also the adviser, to have access to a student’s pass/fail status in a course.
  • Proposed Change to Senate Rules (“Application for Degrees”) (PDF) [November 12, 2018]
    • Permits Registrar to recommend appropriate degree application deadlines, although they must be approved by SC and Senate.
  • Proposed Change to Senate Rules 4.2.5 ("Graduate School") (PDF) [November 12, 2018]
    • Modified requirements for admission to the Graduate School for students applying for admission under the auspices of an approved, in-force cooperative education agreement.
  • Proposed Changes to Senate Rules ("Non-Degree Students") (PDF) [December 10, 2018]
    • Modified some supporting documentation requirements for, and clarified definitions of, non-degree seeking students.

University-wide Regulations

Unit Rules & Statements of Evidence