What is SPARC?
SPARC (Support|Peer|Activism|Resources|Connection) is a group of students dedicated to engaging in activism and education around issues of interpersonal violence on UK's campus. As a member of SPARC, you will be provided opportunities and training to develop your skills related to crisis intervention, advocacy, activism, public speaking, team building, and much more. As an activist you will design informative programs for UK, work on community outreach, develop larger activism projects, and provide support to those who have experienced interpersonal violence. You will be a knowledgeable resource for others while gaining valuable understandings of the realities, theories, and current prevention work done in this field. While working with SPARC, you will gain personal insights and form strong bonds with your fellow activists. SPARC is a great way to get involved, strengthen your skills and change our world - all while meeting other engaged and passionate activists.

What does SPARC do?
SPARC works to respond to and raise awareness of interpersonal violence issues across the university and in our communities. Through collaboration and activism our activists and educators look to create opportunities for culture change.

​SPARC Activists and Educators
SPARC students provide programming and presentations on topics such as Consent, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Partner Violence, Title IX, Technology and Safety, Healthy Relationships, and others as developed.

How do I become involved with SPARC?
Check back in Spring 2018 for more information about joining SPARC.
Contact Information
If you have questions about the SPARC activist positions or other ways to get involved with the VIP Center, email: