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our Development time is 12:10-12:50 pm

Good Food’s Co-op Produce Tutorial (Josh England w/Lexington’s Farmer’s Market & Rob Walker w/Good Foods Co-op)

Are your watermelons semi-red and bland? Do you find yourself knocking on melons and unsure of what you’re supposed to hear? Do you end up just picking whatever doesn’t squish when you are selecting your produce? Want to know the right way to pick, prepare and preserve produce? Learn more from the pros!



Executive Committee and New board members

2016-2017 Executve Committee

Lisa Lockman (Chair), Residence Life
Keturah Taylor (Past-Chair), College of Health Sciences
C. Lynn Hiler (Chair-Elect), Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence
Evie Russell (Treasurer), Office of Undergraduate Research
Kristen Pickett (Secretary), College of Arts and Sciences

2015-2017 term

Leah Godlaski, VIP Center
Sharon Goins, College of Health Sciences
Jimmi Hatton-Kolpek, Pharmacy Practice and Science
Dimmi T. Jackson, UKHC Imaging Services
Michelle Johnson, VP Research
Natasha Saunders, College of Agriculture
Lauren Brown, COM Sponsored Research

2016-2018 term

Alison Begor, College of Law
Chioma Brown, Admissions & Registrar
Tanji Burns, Nursing Practice& Support Services
Tasha Cotter, Admissions & Registrar
Kara Hill, College of Dentistry
Kristie Law, College of Health Sciences
Laura Mancuso, Auxiliary Services
Margaret McGladrey, Health Behavior




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Our professional development opportunities are on the third Tuesday of every month in the W.T. Young Library Gallery from 12:10 pm to 12:50 pm