Sarah Bennett Holmes Awards & Luncheon

Nominations now OPEN through Friday, February 6, 2015. Submit your nomination HERE.


The Sarah Bennett Holmes Award is granted annually to women working at the University who promote the growth and well-being of other women at the University and across the Commonwealth. These awards bring recognition for efforts that would otherwise go unnoticed through typical channels.


Sarah Bennett Holmes, a distinguished former Dean of Women at the University of Kentucky, tirelessly championed the rights of women throughout her career. Widowed at a young age, Holmes raised four children while completing her own education. She then began a successful career at the University where she inspired young women to persevere in the face of hardship and pursue their career goals. Among her accomplishments, Holmes developed work programs for women during the depression.

In her honor, the UK Women's Forum created the Sarah Bennett Holmes Award. Since 1994, the annual Sarah Bennett Holmes Award has been bestowed upon female employees who have achieved professional and personal success while promoting the growth and well-being of all women.

2015 Awards & Luncheon

Save the Date for our 2015 Sarah Bennett Holmes Award & Luncheon on March 5, 2015.

2014 Recipients

Dr. Elisia Cohen, Department Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Communication.

Meg Marquis, Director of Student Affairs in The Honors Program.

2014 Nominees

Faculty Nominees:
Dr. Mary Vore
Dr. Anita Superson
Dr. Deanna Sellnow
Dr. Emily Beaulieu
Dr. Alison Davis
Dr. Elisia Cohen
Dr. Sharon Turner
Dr. Sandra Beck
Dr. Janice Fernheimer
Dr. Roxanne Mountford
Dr. Clare Batty
Ms. Nancy Jones

Staff Nominees:
Ms. Evie Russell
Ms. Paula Pope
Ms. Meg Marquis
Ms. Stella Matuszak
Ms. Brandy Reeves
Ms. Laverne Carter
Ms. Linda Combs
Ms. Tiffany Hayden
Ms. Linda Grijalba
Ms. Jennifer Ellis
Ms. Rikki Maher
Ms. Christina Jones
Ms. Deborah Godfrey
Dr. Randa Remer

All Past Recipients
2013 Lynne Jensen, College of Nursing
2013 Kathleen Sheppard-Jones, Human Development Institute
2012 Ann Bassoni, Work Life Department
2012 Gail Kennedy, UK Libraries
2011 Louise Graham, College of Law
2011 Dana Walton-Maculay, Dean of Students
2010 Christy Burch, Violence Intervention and Prevention Center
2010 Diane Snow, Dept. of Anatomy and Neurobiology
2009 C. Lynn Hiler, Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Education
2009 Lynda Brown Wright, Dept.of Educational, School & Counseling Psychology
2008 Suzanne Springate, UK Healthcare
2008 Sheila Woods, College of Medicine
2007 Penny Cox, Information Technology
2007 Joanna Badagliacco, College of Arts & Sciences
2006 Jeanette Caldwell, Human Resources
2006 Nancy Brown Johnson, Gatton College of Business & Economics
2005 Ann Amerson, Pharmacy Practice and Science
2005 Carol Jordan, Center for Research on Violence Against Women
2004 Dorothy Brockopp, College of Nursing
2003 Jacqueline Gibson, Internal Medicine
2002 Kim Anderson, College of Engineering
2001 Louise Stone, Experiential Education
2000 Suzanne Scheff, College of Engineering
1999 Pamella Shaw, Kentucky Community Cancer Program
1998 Venda Ridgeway, UK Postal Service
1997 Linda Linville, Kentucky Cancer Program
1996 Abby Marlatt, Professor Emeritus, College of Human Environmental Science
1995 Cheryl Birch, Dept. of Opthamology
1994 Betty Gabehart, UK Advising Center



Nominations OPEN for Sarah Bennett Holmes Award

This award recognizes one faculty member and one staff member for their contributions to issues that affect women at UK and across the commonwealth. Click link above for more information. Nomination form is HERE.


Welcome NEW members to the Women's Forum Board!

We are excited to welcome the following new members to the Women's Board for 2014-2016: Alison Begor, Christa Blackwell, Kathryn Gould, Lynn Hiler, Kristie Law, and Stephanie Ratliff.