Fip1 - an interaction hub that links several polyadenylation factor subunits to poly(A) polymerase

One Arabidopsis gene whose product resembles a mammalian and yeast polyadenylation factor subunit is the so-called AtFip1(V) gene (1). The encoded protein bears a number of similarities to its human counteraprt - it binds RNA (with a modest preference for RNAs containing an FUE), it alters the activity of poly(A) polymerase, and it interacts with a number of other Arabidopsis polyadenylation factor subunits (see Figure 1). Among he latter are two (AtCFIm-25 and a nuclear poly(A) binding protein) that have not been reported to interact with Fip1 in other systems. These results suggest a model in which AtFip(V) is the center of a network of RNA-binding proteins and other factors that are involved in mRNA 3' end formation. They also provide conceptual links of a number of Arabidopsis proteins to poly(A) polymerase, thus strengthening the supposition that these proteins are authentic polyadenylation factor subunits.


The Fip1 interaction newtork

Figure 1. Summary of protein-protein interactions amongst Arabidopsis polyadenylation factor subunits that have been reported in the literature. Interactions are denoted as lines connecting the various subunits. The AtPAP-AtCPSF100 interaction was reported by Elliott et al. (2) and the AtCst77-AtCstF64 interaction by Yao et al. (3); the others are described in Forbes et al. (1) and Addepalli and Hunt (4). Black circles denote proteins that bind RNA.


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