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Re: Clave Information
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 01:27:24 -0500
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From: les booth
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At 04:00 PM 10/16/96 EDT, you wrote:
>As some of you know I'm electronicaly challanged and my E-mail
>system is realy "pre-mail" it is so old and out dated. SO can't
>tell you how but go to archives and look under "Claving". we had
>quite a discussion about the fine are of claving a few years back. I
>fact talked about a mascot to travel from clave to clave, How many
>drunk clavers could fall through the eye of a 22 OBA, How many high
>mainance "Clavets" could the WIZ endore and of course that first
>NEC realy consisted of WIZ, Steve Hogg, Quinten Gromes, and Dan Crisp
>Now understand all of the above refers to "Claves" and not Conclaves.
>There is a real difference. Claves are simpler and not nearly as
>Who is Julia anyway and can a clave consist of only two?

** WIZ.. you're soooo right... as usual! There is a mighty
difference between a "Clave" and a "Conclave". The very word Conclave is
the antithesis of Clave and vice-versa.

CONCLAVE...a private meeting or secret assembly -- a gathering of a group or
an association.

CLAVE... past of CLEAVE; to adhere firmly and closely or loyally or
unwaveringly. This word is also associated with the old Scot word
"claver"... which is the term for prate or gossip. PRATE;talk long and idly
+ chatter GOSSIP; rumor or report of an intimate nature; a chatty talk.

The perfix in CONCLAVE... CON is a derivitive of COM.. and it is defined
as... with, together, jointly, thoroughly.

Therefore the CONCLAVE is the larger, less personal version of a CLAVE.

It is, as WIZ and others have pointed out before, not possible to entertain
the likes of a large number of folks and have "everyone" experience the
closeness of a small, intimate group; as a CLAVE presents. This is not to
say that such occurances cannot or will not take place at a CONCLAVE... they
will and do. However, the main thrust of a CONCLAVE is too large to allow
ALL atteding to enjoin the true atmosphere of a CLAVE while at a larger

This does NOT make a CLAVE better than a CONCLAVE, per se. It merely points
out that the focus of both are different and therefore will likely draw
differing crowds; with cross-overs being common. You simply have folks who
will want to attend both types and you will have those who prefer one over
the other. Simple as that.

Lest you think me daff and makin' this all up. Take a wee look at the
Websters 9th Collegiate Dictionary... it is there for all to see. That's
where I just referred from...

I hope this clears up this etomological discussion and enlightens us in the

... "Aye, laddie...awn woodn't ya liek to gough wit me to da Clave theez yeer?"
... heard round table in Scot household, circa 1051 A.D. ...
les booth
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