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Putting the history of FF@ together is really a collaborative effort of several individuals. Much of the information for these pages come directly from a paper Joel Dunn wrote for computer class at the University of North Carolina. Others, such as Larry Woodard, ran the statistical analysis of the list and posted that information for the rest of the list to see. In early 1996, another list member, Sue Kreutzer, undertook a selected survey of the list membership to try to capture the history and perspective of the list from long-time participants. There was a growing perception that the culture of FF@ was being diluted by a torrent of newcomers, and Sue wanted to capture this knowledge before more long term members were lost. Sue undertook her study in the late winter of 1996 and asked the normal demographic questions, but interestingly also asked about the most memorable threads that members recalled. And I would be remiss if I did not mention  the time and effort of the early list members who dug into the cobwebs and crawl spaces of their minds to retrieve those memories you read about here.

As for my contribution, I merely took the fruits of other's labor and did the cut and paste thing you see here. Truely, much of the work to capture the history of the FF@ list was and is a coming together of many individuals who wanted to preserve the past for the future. Enjoy!

Tim Cavileer

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