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FF@ Logos
  The 1994 FF@ pin  1994 ff@ pin

In 1994 members of the list came up with a logo so that they could identify one another at the airport, on the road and in the stream ... see some of the member submitted logos that were put forth for consideration.

  The 1995 Flyfish@ t-shirt  1995 flyfish@ t-shirt

It was the first of January 1995 when Luis Nasim sent this post to the list ... and by the end of February over 100 people had a Flyfish@ t-shirts.

 Other FF@ logos, artwork and conclave t-shirts

Montana Conclave I ... is it a brown or is it a rainbow?
Hell's Anglers Logo ... Gangku gone bad!
Klave of Steel ... by Stephen Di Cerbo
NEC V and NEC VI  ... by Stephen Di Cerbo
Kamloops 'Klave '97
TennClave ... II, III, and IV (plus the Gov's proclaimation!)

 FF@ logo  FF@ logo

Hats, pins, cigar tubes, shirts, Youth Fund etc ... probably the most popular and widely recognized ff@ logo to date.

 The Institute for Bad Poetry

I tried to sum it up on the front page of the Institute, but if you wanted an introduction you couldn't do better than to blame it all on Chaz Clover. One day he suggested a bad FF haiku contest, and it struck a real chord among many of The chord ran so true that it wasn't long--10 January 1996, in fact--that Trevor Stone made the biggest mistake of his life---asking if anyone wanted to start a Magnetic Cow Haiku thread in response to a discussion of HK's cow-magentized tying table. I did, and the rest is, well, history.

Chris Knight

The "WIZ"

Who is the WIZ?  Well, here it is, straight form the WIZ's mouth.
Also ... Thus Spoke the WIZ ... on changing flies.

The Olive bodied Adams (aka #22 OBA)

"Ah yes, the old OBA question again. This question occurs periodically. In fact, you can establish your tenure with the list by saying that you've been subscribed for X rounds of the OBA question." - Sheldon Seale

Horse hair tippet

'Trout by a Hair' - Norm Crisp
Originally posted to the list on July 7, 1993

Sue's mythical marriage

Read about the list's most infamous marriage and April Fool's prank, all rolled into one!

The Coven

Before there were streamside feral killer pigs ... before there were manic Uber-trout roaming riffles and runs bloodlusting for human sacrifices ... there was ... The Coven!

Illustrated Pattern Swap

The Illustrated Pattern Swap (IPS) seemed like a great way to unleash some energy, creativity and involve others in the fun. - Sue K.

FF@ Fiction Contest

One of the side attractions to membership in the Fly Fish Discussion List is the chance to show off your writing ability in the annual fiction contest. The reasons I started the contests were twofold ... in the fly fishing magazine trade, fiction pieces are virtually non-existent and I am a wannabe writer ... - Danny Walls

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