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Today's ff@ history lesson is about the ff@ logo. No, not the logo by Creed Taylor that was put onto hats by Ben Benoit, nor the olive bodied adams (OBA) logo from Danny's FF@ homepage that was drawn by Nick Blackwell for the original FF@ webpages hosted for a while by the VFS, but rather the first ff@ logo and the pins of 1994. The 1995 pins are another story altogether.

There's gaps but it goes something like this:

4/22/94 As a result of William Bernard meeting Bob Hatula in the airport and not realizing till later that they both were list members, Bill suggests having a logo for a pin or patch to help list members identify one another when on the road or fishing.

4/25/94 Marty Waldus, off his medication for the weekend <G!>, chimes in with his usual seriousness and proposes '... a collage of flies (#22 OBA, EHC, Copper Bomb, etc) superimposed on a cheap cigar, which in turn is superimposed on a bounced mail message'. Dave Mason wonders out loud about the logistics of doing this.

4/26/94 Jimmy Young volunteers to design logo and puts forth the initial ehc on a monitor idea. Andrew Bonnimici suggests the oba instead of the ehc.

4/27/94 A particularly hot day for lively logo discussions. Ideas are kicked around, and debate over Mac vs PC, ehc vs oba, coiled horse hair tippet, mounting a real fly under a glass bubble, etc., are tossed back and forth between list members. Even ascii art is tossed in. Dave Mason calls for some organization to the effort and starts the call for logo ideas. He disavows any knowledge of the mechanics of having pins or patches made and Les Booth chimes in with the logistic aspects. Debate over logo continues.

4/28/94 The debate rages on with international opinions starting to pour in. Horizons are expanded from pins to 'patches, hats, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweats and so on'... to quote Frank K. Blake Werner acts as coordinator for judging committe to pick a logo. Luis Nasim want a sticker for his car and Sheldon Seale wants a package deal... pin, patch and decal!

4/29/94 Andreas Preuss encourages the list to think more international than a fly, and suggests crossed rods with lightning bolts on a globe. Martin Hyatt suggests Flyfish@ be used on the logo instead of the bitnet address, FLYFISH@UMAB.BITNET. Jimmie Young puts together four logo designs for list members to review and comment on.

5/2/94 Norm Crisps posts the #22 OBA pattern developed by his son Ethan. Comments on it being ("a fly that binds the net together", and it "being the soul/essence of the list")

10/20/94 Clyde Watson uploads logo images to for list members to view. Pin Committee formed consisting of Conrad Black, Marty Hyatt, and Clyde Wells. A list is started of individuals who want to order a pin. (rebuttal from Conrad).

11/1/94 Mark Erickson (Syracuse, NY) offers to contract for pins with a local outfit and have the company draw a design.

12/13/94 Mark Erickson, working with the "Pin Committee" settle on a pin design and begins taking orders from list members. The design ... as described in Mark's post ...

Description: 1" circular heavy gauge pewter. Inscribed on the face of the pin is a globe (3/4") to signify the world-wide nature of our group. FLYFISH@ is inscribed above the globe and the year 1994 below it (for those who ordered in 1994 and wish to have the power of seniority).

Pins are ordered, purchased and distributed in early 1995.

1994 ff@ PIN
photo courtesy of Chris Knight

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