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On January 1, 1995 Luis Nasim wrote to the list ...

A couple of months ago I was thinking that it would be nice to have a t-shirt with some kind of FLYFISH@ design or logo on it. And then, it struck me!

I have a friend who's a graphic artist and another acquaintance of mine whose family is into the silk screen printing business.

Sooooo, I approached my artistically talented friend Wilfred and persuaded him to take a shot at creating a nifty little design. He agreed, and so I conveyed to him what FLYFISH@ is all about and asked him to conjure up some design ideas.

He came back to me with all sortof different sketches. One of them clearly stood out and I picked it as "the" one.


Original FF@ logo by Luis Nasim and Wilfred Bork

On the foreground there's a fish (some kind of trout) leapingout of the water chasing after an artificial fly. On the background there is a fly fisherman with rod in hand. The whole thing is surrounded by an omega shaped frame (sort of like a flattened out key hole). Within that frame and toward the bottom of the drawing FLYFISH@ is written in bold letters, and below the frame in smaller letters it reads: etc

After I got this drawing made I contacted the silk screening fellow. He quickly discouraged me from pursueing my idea of doing a "multiple colors" job. A different plate is needed for each color used and at $100 a plate it quickly became evident that my scheme was out of the question.

Other things I had to consider were: the T-shirts themselves (I needed decent quality cotton t-shirts which are affordable); printing cost per shirt; the price of packaging for sending the t-shirts out; and the shipping costs.

By now I was seriously doubting this enterprise (I mean, do I need this?) I could perhaps try to recoup the fixed cost by selling lots of shirts to friends locally, but... instead, I think it is better to offer this to you all and if there's enough interest I'll do it.

Suffice it to say that Luis' graphic artist friend Wilfred Bork from Ottawa designed the logo, Eugene Hoyano from Montreal did the printing, and the U.S. money collection was carried out by lister-lurker Richard Caccavale, a transplanted Coloradan formerly from Connecticut. By the end of February over 100 people from the list were sporting flyfish@ t-shirts!

Great job Luis!

          Luis N. t-shirt b&W

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