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Montana Conclave I (1995)

... to this day there is disagreement as to the ID of the fish on the logo. Is it a brown or a cut?. ... let the list decide. I say it's a brown that jumps. All our Madison browns up near Slide learned to jump from the rainbows.

- Pat Maxon

1995 Montana Conclave

courtesy of John Allison


Hell's Anglers

... it all started with haiku, or in this case Iowaku and a very silly thread that developed out of it. Check out the Institute entry at

Hell's Anglers

Carolyn Richards adaptation of Creed Taylor's classic FF@ logo.
courtesy of Chris Knight


Klave of Steel

Klave of Steel

courtesy of Stephen DiCerbo


NEC V (1998)

... featuring Stephen DiCerbo's artwork interlaced with Luis Nasim's original t-shirt design.

NEC V teeshirt by Di Cerbo

copyright 1998 Stephen Di Cerbo

NEC VI (1999)

NEC VI teeshirt by Di Cerbo

copyright 1999 Stephen Di Cerbo


Kamloops 'Klave '97

Kamloops Clave '97

courtesy of Glenn Baglo 

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