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From: Conrad Black <conrad.forest@CLEAR.NET.NZ>
Subject: History Thing, '94 Pin ... :^)

Well, I Never !! Hummpphh !!

It has come to my attention, that in my absence, the List was rewritting history, and dragging me through it !

Point of the First Point....

When the list was saying...

Geeee... wouldn't it be nice to have a pin, there was a shortage of volunteers to actually do it ! Typical 'Mericans, they can talk the talk.... so, figurin' that was going to get us nowhere, I volunteered :^)

Which got the 'Mericans.. walking the walk.... :^)

I already had many orders on my hard drive, which were passed over, and I continued as the 'clearing house' to help collect final numbers for the order.

Point of the Second Point....

That I complained in a manner, most unseemly , that in typical fashion the '94 pin and WORLD map was centred on the little piece of water called the Atlantic, and thus did not show New Zealand... well, maybe :^) But what cuts to the quick, hurts most, is that... I was never producer of any of these... pins.... and thus could not prove that I was NOT going to centre MY *world* map at 178 deg E. :^)

Point of the Third Point...

We were a kinder, gentler list then, immune from the corrupt influences. There were, a few trades of flies between members on UMAB. Correct me if wrong, but ... When we were sucking it to get some fool, ahh ummp.. dedicated FF@ advocate, to be Listmeister.... :^) I started the " Flies for Danny " campaign , an 'appreciative' token , which.... was the first mass movement of flies on FF@.

Okay, I'll accept the introduction of nespotic corruption and 'Merican bashing onto FF@, but I was only following orders on the pins !!

Cheers... CB

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