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A flyfishing female from Colorado named Sue K. joined up with the list in 1994, courtesy of intel from FF@ members Hans Weilenmann and Mike Tucker. A verbose person she was, she posted regularly. She became a friend to several of the members, went fishing with them, and participated in various activities of the FF@. Two years into her involvement with the FLYFISH@, close to April Fool's day and coinciding with the annual FF@ Fiction Contest, she got a wild idea to do a combined fiction/prank on the List members. Not realizing the response and havoc it would create, she posted a longwinded description of her (supposed) IMPENDING MARRIAGE.

It should be noted that while the FLYFISH@ does have a few female members, there are not many. Sue had become somewhat of a regular poster and had the brotherly interest and concern of some of the members. The way the text of the post on her impending marriage was written, it appeared true. Especially since no disclaimers were included in the original post.

After her post ( see below ) scores of responses appeared on the List. Heartfelt congratulations, offer of gifts, attendance at the wedding. It was clear the emotions were running high and happy ( for Sue ). But it was clear that the 'prank' had taken a turn. Knowing that the members were genuinely pleased for her, Sue decided to TELL THE TRUTH and own-up to the fact that the post WAS fiction. That she was not getting married. This then prompted scores of subsequent posts.

To this day, she has not met nor married the love of her life. But the post she made back in 1996 did twang at the heartstrings.

Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 05:28:21 -0700
Reply-To: Fly Fishing Digest
From: Sue Kreutzer
Subject: I'm Getting Married

Dear dear List !

It is with great pleasure that I can now tell you I have hooked a good 'un! And the FF@ List played a part in tying up the perfect fly to catch this one ... there was no foulhooking involved and contrary to normal practices, there will definitely NOT be any Catch and Release in this case!

Share and enjoy with me, if you will :

Let me tell you how it happened. Remember when I asked the question of the List, "How does one get stream access if private land is involved?" ? I went off on my own to do research. Through friends, I got the names of private landowners on streams around the state of Colorado. On the weekends, I have been out interviewing landowners. (A report to the List on my research is forthcoming.) Through a FF@ Lister, this research led me to the Aspen area. The Lister, who shall go nameless now, will be an honored guest at the wedding, it was he who gave me the name of the man I'm now to marry.

My soulmate lives over near Aspen, outside the town of Basalt on the Fryingpan River. Because you're all kin, I'll brag a bit -- he's 50 years old (perfect for me), he's divorced, native Coloradan (me too), down to earth, horse pucky on his boots and an accomplished hunter and flyfisherman! When I mentioned the Flyfish@ List and some of the people who hang out here, he actually knows some of YOU. As soon as I can, I'll post his name. He's a bit reluctant at this point.

I'm not a materialistic sort, but even I am a bit overwhelmed with his holdings. They include not only the wonderful log-cabin style home on the Fryingpan I visited this past week, but also some land up in Gallatin Gateway outside Bozeman. The family owns a lodge on the North Fork of the Kuskokwim R. on the west side of Denali Natl Park and he has promised me we _will_ go travelling outside the country in 1997. I'm opting for places I've not seen, like Australia and New Zealand (get ready Conrad, Dave C. and Vicki ).

It has been a whirlwind affair, less than four weeks actually :-)). We're planning an early July wedding, and a knock-down party for 2 days to be held at a friend's home in the Snowmass area. Marguerite has said she'll be coming down .... more in later posts for others who might be able to make it. We'll be leaving the lower 48 immediately after the wedding, up to Alaska for a month, over to British Columbia for a week, down to Big Sky country and head 'home' to the Fryingpan around October. And this wonderful man has enough equipment to outfit a flyshop -- and his comment to me was, "Hey Suse, what's mine is yours!" The story couldn't be anymore perfect if it were fiction in this month's Fly Rod and Reel mag.

For my part, I shall remain indebted to the Flyfish@ for the rest of my life ! and I do believe, this is the first marriage proposal spawned on the FF@ List .

Finally, as a FF@ nymph, I can tell you this is one of the greatest refuges on the Net ! I have enjoyed the h*** out of the List, the members gave me a home away from home, you educated me, made me laugh, I endured your humor and you endured mine, on most days you made my time at work bearable, the List graciously accepted my posts, and I made alot of friends here, some close.

Continue to treat this List with kindness and humor, as you always do and it will endure. With grand affection to you all . . . . .


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