The Big Headed Hopper

Tied by Jack L. Amundsen,


Hook: Std Hopper hook 6-14
Thread: Cream/Off White
Tail: Red Antron
Rear Legs: Pheasant knotted natural or olive
Middle/frontlegs: Rubber round brown or black
Under Wing: Krystal Flash Light color, white
Wing: Deer hair/Bleached elk
Body: Sheet Foam 1/8 -1/4 inch thick cut in square strips Yellow or color to match natural


Wrap Thread on hook starting at the eye of hook towards bend . Tie in tail (I like about 1/16 of a inch). Lay Foam strip and tie in at bend of hook(about 2-3 wraps), allow about 1/4 inch to hang off the back of hook. Wrap thread toward the eye under the foam strip about 1/3 of length; tie in the knotted pheasant legs bringing the foam back on the shank put 2-3 wraps around the foam. Continue wrapping under the foam to about 1/3 back from the eye. Wrap the foam on shank 2-3 wraps then tie in 3-4 strands of under wing at same tie in point. Put the stacked hair tips (short do not over hang the body) facing back (caddis style), trim the butts at an angle to make a smoother transition. Tie in the rubber legs at this point Madam X style. Wrapping the thread on the trimmed butts and tying in the legs. If the shank hasn't been covered with thread at this time wrap the thread to the eye under the foam and then bring it back to the 1/3 point. Fold the foam up and over on itself making sure that there is a bulge/bunch at the eye (Big Head) put 2-3 wraps on the folded foam at the 1/3 tie in point. Make sure that the wraps do not cut the foam but will hold them securely pull the foam back towards the bend then cut the foam as close to the wraps as possible. The foam should almost creep under the wraps but will form a small collar that pushes the hair wing down on the body. Whip finish and its done.