Foam Beetle

Tied by Tim Cavileer,

(taken from Tying Dry Flies, Randall Kaufmann, Second Edition 1992. published by Western Fisherman's Press (503) 639-4848. ISBN 0-9617059-2-2. pages 50-52.


Hook: #8 barbless
Thread: black
Overbody: black closed cell foam
Body: black antron dubbing
Legs: black deer hair, extending at right angles to body, trimmed to desired length
Misc: yellow polyester yarn

Tying instructions:

1 Tie thread onto hook and wrap it backwards to the tail position.

2. Cut a strip of closed cell foam (Fly tying foam, Larva Lace) as wide as the hook gape. Trim end to a point and secure the foam onto the hook at the tail tie-in position using the 'up between-the-fingers' technique so that the foam extents backward (leave as a long strip. It will be trimmed later to proper length which minimizes waste). Wrap the foam back onto the hook bend four to six turns (this forms a more pronounced curve to the beetle body).

3. Apply dubbing to the thread and form the body to the 65% mark.

4.Trim a small bunch of deer hair (8-10 fibers), clean out under hair and trim to about 1.25". Hold them against the top of the hook (at a 45 degree angle seemed to work best) and tie in with 2-3 turns of thread. Pull the fibers back and wrap the thread against the base of the fibers. Apply more dubbing and finish to the 90% mark.

5. Pull the foam over the body with your right hand, forming the overbody. It should be wider than the body. Hold the foam with your right hand and secure with 2-3 wraps of thread.

6.Tie in a short piece of yarn at the overbody tie-in area. Make several wraps under the foam head and secure with 2 half-hitches. Trim the overbody even with the hook eye (so that it covers the eye). Trim the excess legs and position at right angles. Legs number three to six per side. Trim the yarn flush with the overbody.

Notes: Can be tied sizes 6-18. I left the legs long so that they can be trimmed to desired length. Being a beginer tier, suggestions and comments are welcome!