Foam Beetle

Tied by Bill Finney,


Hook: Wide Gap Dry Fly #12-#22
Thread: #6/0 or 8/0 Black or Brown
Body: Closed cell sheet foam in black or brown
Legs: Size A or 00 Black Nylon Thread coated with vinyl cement

Tying Instructions:

1. Tie in 1 inch strip of foam at bend of hook. Width of foam varies according to hook size., i.e. inch @ #12, 3/16" @ #16, etc.
2. Advance thread two thirds of the way up the hook.
3. Tie in three 2 inch lengths of vinyl coated thread across hook shank using a figure eight method to separate them.
4. Advance thread to just behind the hook eye. Pull foam forward and tie down with thread (amount of stretch applied will determine shape of body). After foam is tied down, stretch it and cut close to tie in, or cut to leave a small head depending on the shape you want.
5. Whip finish head of fly and trim legs to length you want.


6. Using a fluorescent enamel paint (orange, red, etc.), paint a dot on the back of the foam body. Since the foam beetle floats in the surface film, this may make it more visible.