The Mohawk

Tied by Mike Livingston,

I got this pattern out of Jack Dennis' 2nd volume tying book, but have to admit that I haven't yet put it to work. But why would you need my assurance of its effectiveness when you have Jack's? ;-)

This is a deer hair pattern originated by Heather LaFontaine (Gary's daughter) in search of a different float among hair patterns. The fly is said to work in all situations where you might be inclined to tie on a grasshopper.


Hook: 10 to 16 (although the pattern doesn't call for it, I'd recommend a wide gape)
Thread: 6-0 black or white
Rear: deer hair: green, orange, rust, or natural
Fore: deer hair: white (I used antlope)
Hackle: white or cream, oversized

Tying Instructions:

1) Attach thread at the bend of the hook.

2) Spin a clump of colored hair, pack it, and tie a half hitch for security. Continue spinning colored hair until you've covered the rear 2/3 of the shank.

3) Spin white hair to cover the remaining 1/3 of the shank. Whip finish.

4) Remove the hook from the vise and trim. Use scissors to trim the base of the fly as close to the shank as possible. Use a single-edged razor blade to shape a V pattern from the perspective of looking at the fly from head to tail.

5) Return the fly to the vice. Lift the remaining hair and clip at about a 30-degree angle toward the bend of the hook.

6) Tie in a white or cream hackle, wrap 2 or 3 times toward the eye, tie off and trim.

7) Whip finish.