Perfect Parachute Ant (Yin Yang Ant)

Tied by George Chan (


Hook: TMC 100, #12-#16
Hump: Black Elk Hair/Deer Hair
Body: Black Antron Blend
Post: Black Elk Hair/Deer Hair/ and White Poly-Yarn
Hackle: Black or Grizzly
Head: Black Antron Blend

Tie in elk hair at rear of hook, and then some white poly-yarn. Dub the body. Form the antí;s hump by bringing the elk hair and poly yarn over the dubbed body. Tie down the hair and yarn and form a post. Tie in the hackle at post and wrap around. Secure hackle. Dub the head. Whip finish.

This pattern can be tied with cinnamon or brown as well. Fish dry or wet along banks.