Dave Engerbretson was a kind, caring man.  Tall, with a laugh that 
would point him out in any group.   While I only met him once, the 
memory of the meeting will last a lifetime.  Even as his health 
failed him, his mind was always sharp, and he was always ready with 
advice or encouragement for anyone who sought it from him.  I 
specifically remember how well he encouraged my son, who only has 
one hand, to continue tying flies no matter what they came out 
looking like as long as they caught fish (which they certainly do!).
   I remember sitting in the pavilion with Dave learning so many 
things about fly fishing and fly tying in a few short hours than 
I had learned in months by trying to understand other tyers.  

   My mother believed that Heaven was whatever you imagined it to be.
Dave's Heaven should be filled with adventure, fishing, hunting, 
and all of the outdoor pleasures he so surely enjoyed.

Good bye my friend.

Dan Williams
Doniphan, MO