Curriculum Vita


Professor of Communication Emeritus

University of Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky 40506


Home Address:

2295 Hifner Road

Versailles, Kentucky 40383



Age: 75

Health: Excellent



A.B., Morningside College, 1955, Speech and Drama

A.M., Iowa University, 1958, Rhetoric, Public Address

Ph.D., Iowa University, 1961, Communication


2000- present, Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication

University of Kentucky

1970-2000, Professor, Department of Communication

University of Kentucky


1975-1978 Chairman, Department of Communication

University of Kentucky

1971-1975 Chairman, Department of Speech

University of Kentucky

1966-1970 Associate Professor and Professor

Ohio University

1961-1966 Assistant Professor and Associate Professor

Western Illinois University

1960-1961 Instructor

 Sacramento State College

1957-1960 Graduate Assistant

 Iowa University

1955-1957 Instructor

 Wayland High School

1952-1954 Intelligence Analyst U. S. Army




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Courses Taught--University of Kentucky

COM 731 Seminar in Communication Competencies

COM 721 Research in Persuasion

COM 741 Seminar in Mass Communication

COM 665 Research Methods in Communication

COM 651 Communication Theory

COM 601 Introduction to Graduate Studies in Communication

COM 582 Persuasion

COM 581 Communication in Small Groups

COM 551 Psychological Foundations of Communication

COM 550 Communication Research Methods

SP 283 Argumentation and Debate

SP 281 Parliamentary Law

TEL 101 Introduction to Telecommunication

COM 101 Introduction to Communication

SP 181 Introduction to Public Speaking

Other Instructional Activities--University of Kentucky

Designed and tested "Senior Competency Examination" for graduates of UK College of Communication.

Designed teaching programs for the PR1ME 850 computer for undergraduate exercises in communication research.

Presently designing a computer system for Undergraduate Advising for the College of Communication.

Designed and taught Special Seminars in interactive computing for Communication graduate students at the University of Kentucky Computing Center (Including University of Waterloo SCRIPT for theses and dissertations.)

Designed an evaluation system for courses and instruction which uses direct access to data processing systems. System is now in use at the College of Communication.

Designed and taught in special seminars for Fayette County Police Department in Crisis Intervention.

Directed the teaching of the Introduction to Public Speaking Course. 1972-75 and 1978.

Developed "Contract System" teaching for advanced courses.

Served as Campus Liason for fundamentals instruction in the Community College system.

Taught special seminars in Small Groups for the IBM corporation.

Designed and taught Public Speaking Seminars for Kentucky Utilities Corporation.

Currently designing Public Speaking Seminars for General Telephone and Electronics.

Designed seminars in Public Speaking for the Kroger Foods Corporation.

Served as special lecturer on Communication and Technology for U.K. College and Engineering.


Dissertations Directed

Robert Thompson, “What Shade of Green are You? Gender, Feminism, and Ecological Attitudes in the Design of Ecological Messages.”

Gina Collins Wesley, "Gender and Compliance-Gaining in Health Delivery Settings"

Mark Prather, "Health Messages and Prenatal Drug Use"

Woody Davis, "Gender Schemas and Religious Messages."

Jerry Harvill, "Aristotle's Concept of ethos as a ground for a modern ethic of communication."

Gayle Pohl, "A Metanalytic Study of the Role of Anxiety in Persuasion."

D. Bruce Searle, "Confidence of Judgment and Medium of Presentation in Listening Behavior."

Harvey G. Henderson, "Programmed Instruction in Teaching the Physics of Sound".

W. Barnett Pearce, "Attitude Intensity, Congruity, and Attitude Change".


Stephen J. Blatt, "The Consistency between Verbal and Behavioral Attitude Responses as a Function of High and Low Controversial Social Issue".

Ted J. Foster, "A Bibliographical Study of the Process of Persuasion".

H. Thomas Hurt, "Credibility Measurement, Congruity Theory and Attitude Change".

Robert Stanley, "Relative Credibility, Source Variation, and Media as Sources of Persuasive Effects".

Noel White, "Alcohol Ingestion and Responses to Persuasive Communication".

Arnold G. Abrams, "Three Levels of Dialect Usage and the Impact of a Communication".


Winifred G. Stump, "A Rhetorical Analysis of the Speeches of Governor William Langer's Speaking in the 1936 North Dakota Gubernatorial Campaign".

Theses Directed:

Forty-eight in the past twenty years.

Dissertation Committees Other Than Speech or Communication:

Psychology - five, Education - six, Political Science - one,

Sociology - two, English - one, Music - one, Business Administration - one,


Chairman of University Senate Council, Office of the President, University of Kentucky, 1984-1985.

Director of Graduate Studies, College of Communication, University of Kentucky, 1981-1984.

Chairman, Department of Communication, University of Kentucky, 1975-1978.

Chairman, Department of Speech, University of Kentucky, 1970-75.

Associate Director, Center for Broadcast Management and Research, Ohio University, 1967-70.


PI, Short-term Memory and Listening Skills, UKRF Faculty Award, 32778, 1979.

Regional Site Coordinator, CAP-FEAR, Annenberg School and USIE (Project "Freestyle,") 1977.

PI, Credibility of Policemen as Message Sources, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, No. 107, 1969-70.

AI, Appalachian Voters and the OEO, Subcontract No. 63, Ohio University--OEO Office, 1969 (with Samuel F. Sharp).

PI, Cognitive Processes and Reinforcement Contingencies, Ohio University Graduate Award, 1969.

Economic Feasibility of UHF Television in Large Markets, Harbridge House (for Kaiser Industries), 1967-68 (with J.G. Saunders).

Relational Problems in Communication Instruction, Illinois Council on Higher Education, 1964 (with R.K. Tucker).


National Communication Association

Southern Speech Communication Association

International Communication Association

Association for Communication Administration

American Institute of Parliamentarians

International Listening Association

Kentucky Association of Communication Arts


Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ: National Teacher Examination Essay evaluation, 1992-1993.

Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ: Committee of Examiners, Speech Communication Content Examination, 1993.

Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ: Committee of Examiners, Listening Skills Test, 1993.

University of Tennessee, Department of Speech Communication. Reviewed UT's "Exit Examination" Procedures, along with Senior Competency Examination.

Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey. Redesigned the "communication component" of the National Teacher Education core battery test.

Southeast Organ Transplant Association, New Orleans. Designed training sessions for health care workers involved in organ transplants.


Committee of Examiners, Educational Testing Service

Legislative Council, Speech Communication Association (1985-1988).

Testing Committee, Communication Skills (National Teacher Examination, Educational Testing Service)

Delegate, (for the International Communication Association), American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Editor, Communication Yearbook

Editor, Journal of the International Listening Association


Paper Referee, Communication Research, Southern Speech Communication Journal, Communication Monographs, Western Journal of Speech Communication, Human Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Communication Research, Communication Education, Quarterly Journal of Speech.

President, Southern Speech Communication Association, 1985-1986.

Associate Editor, Communication Education 1987-1991.

Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Communication Research. 1980-1983.

Member, SCA Commission on Testing, 1985-present.

Nominating Committee, International Communication Association, 1982.

Publications Board, International Communication Association, 1982-1986.

Chairman, ad hoc Committee on Elections, International Communication Association, 1980.

Committee of Twelve, Southern Speech Communication Association, 1978-present.

Chair, Finance Committee, Southern Speech Communication Association, 1976.

Local Arrangements Chairman, Speech Communication Association, 1982.

Associate Editor, Southern Speech Communication Journal, 1972-76.

National Nominating Committee, Speech Communication Association, 1972-73

Editor, Kentucky Journal of Communicative Arts, 1972-73.

Chairman, Interpersonal and Small Group Interaction Division, Speech Communication Association, 1972-73.

Review Committee for the Speech Communication Association Dissertation Awards, 1972.

Staff member, AID Communication Seminars.


Statistical Consultant, Pueblo-Colorado Springs CATV Analysis (before the Federal Communications Commission, February, 1968).

Statistical Consultant, Harbridge House Research report to Kaiser Industries, Boston, MA, 1968.

Associate Editor, Speech Teacher, 1963-66.


Chair, College of Fine Arts Review Committee of the University Theatre Department

Educational Unit Review Committee, 1987.

Review Committee, Telecommunication Department (Chair), 1986.

Review Committee, Department of Theatre Arts, 1986.

Search Committee, University Ombudsman, 1985.

Advisory Committee, Survey Research Center, 1982-85.

Academic Computing Committee, 1981-1984.

University Senate Council, 1981-present. Secretary 1982-83.

Computing and Communication ad hoc Planning Committe, 1981-present.

Faculty Code Committee, 1981-present. Chairman, 1984-85.

University Senate, 1973-1989.

Committee on Academic Organization and Structure, 1973-1977 (Chairman, 1975).

Committee on Admissions and Academic Standards, 1977-1981.

Parliamentarian, University Senate, 1975-1981.

Self-Study Committee, University Athletics, 1981.

Planning Council, University Honors Program, 1973-1975.

ROTC Governing Committee, 1971-1977 (Chairman 1971-1974).

Arts and Sciences Council, 1972-1976.

Search Committee, Telecommunication, 1981.

Search Committee, Theatre Arts, 1972 (Chairman).

Faculty Council, College of Communication, 1977-1980.

Curriculum Committee, Department of Communication, 1977-present.


University of Kentucky Alumni Association “Great Teacher” Award

"Hall of Fame," International Listening Association.

Honorary Member, Council for Media Research (Queens College).

Honorary Member, Center for Intrapersonal Processes (Tulane University).

Southern Speech Association Annual "Young Scholar Award" is named the "Robert Bostrom Award." It is given annually.


Education Vice-President, Lexington Musical Theatre

Board Member, Lexington Council of the Arts, 1975-1978.

Board Member, Lexington Singers, 1973-1980 (Chairman, 1974).

Planning Committee, World "Three-Day Event," Kentucky Horse Park, 1978.

Artistic Director, Lexington Musical Theatre, 1977-79. Directed Carousel, H.M.S. Pinafore, Lil'Abner, The Music Man, and Camelot.

Visiting Artist, Jenny Wiley Summer Music Theatre, Summer 1980 (played Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof)

Parliamentarian, Kentucky Education Association Legislative Assembly, 1974-77.


Choral Music



Military History

Folk Music