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Insect Genetics, Evolutionary and Behavioral Ecology

Our research interests include:

Ecology and the Evolution of Life Histories:

  • Body Size
  • Sexual Size Dimorphism
  • Egg Size
  • Phenotypic Plasticity
  • Aging and Senescence
  • Maternal Effects
  • Inbreeding Depression

Insect-Plant Interactions:

  • Diet Evolution
  • Adaptation to Host Plants

Insect Behavioral Ecology:

  • Egg Laying Decisions
  • Sexual Selection on Body Size / Sexual Dimorphism

Our Beetles

Life Cycle

Here at the Fox lab we primarily work with bean beetles (Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae). These beetles, commonly referred to as bruchid beetles, are an excellent model system.

Their life history makes for easy lab rearing. Female beetles will glue their eggs to seeds, where offspring will subsequently burrow in and feed until maturation. Adult beetles emerge from seeds, mate and lay eggs, continuing the cycle.

The species we have in the lab do not require food or water, so maintaining colonies of numerous species and using these beetles for experiments is relatively easy.

Bruchid beetles vary between species and across populations within species in many interesting behavioral and physiological traits. Even larval behavior is interesting in these beetles.

These traits make these beetles simple, interesting and exciting to work with in our lab!

Other Lab Insects

Some of our lab members are also working with Bess beetles (Passalidae) and subtropical blowflies (Sarconesia chlorogaster).


Adult Blowfly

Adult Bess Beetle



Lab Colonies

In our lab we have active colonies of:

  • Callosobruchus maculatus from Yemen, Mali, Brazil, and California
  • Callosobruchus chinensis
  • Callosobruchus rhodesianus
  • Stator limbatus
  • Stator pruininus
  • Acanthoscelides obtectus
  • Mimosestes amicus
  • Callosobruchus Maculatus  


  • Mung bean (Vigna radiata)
  • Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)
  • Lentil (Lens culinaris)
  • Adzuki bean (Vigna angularis)
  • Catclaw acacia (Senagalia greggii)
  • Whitethorn acacia (Vachellia constricta)
  • Texas Ebony (Ebenopsis ebano)
  • Foothill palo verde (Parkinsonia microphylla)
  • Blue palo verde (Parkinsonia florida)



Callosobruchus Chinensis

Current Lab Members

Charles W. Fox


Editor: Functional Ecology

Joseph B. Deas

Post-Doctoral Scholar


William Licht

Entomology PhD Candidate


Jacqueline A. Dillard

Biology PhD Candidate


Melise Lecheta

Visiting Scholar, Brazil


Anna D. Muncy

Senior Laboratory Technician


Past Lab Members

Post-Doctoral Scholars

  • Jordi Moya-Laraño, 2002-2003
  • Claudia M. Rauter, 1999-2002
  • Udo M. Savalli, 1996-2001

Gradute Students

  • R. Craig Stillwell (PhD 2007) (2007 Gamma Sigma Delta Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award)
  • Angela R. Amarillo-Suárez (PhD 2006)
  • Mary Ellen Czesak (PhD 2001)
  • Kristy Scheibly
  • Undergradute Students

    • Josiah Ritchey (Summer 2014)
    • Charles Bumgardner (Spring 2014)
    • Nick Thomas (Spring 2014)
    • Elliot Campbell (Fall 2013 – Spring 2014)
    • Daniel Sullivan (Fall 2013 – Spring 2014)
    • Rachel Zitomer (Summer 2013)
    • Fariba Kanga (Fall 2012–Spring 2013)
    • Michael Allen Stidham (Summer 2012–Fall 2012)
    • Alexis Kriete (Summer 2012)
    • Anna Muncy (Fall 2011 – Spring 2012)
    • Blake Grigsby (Summer 2011)
    • Sheldon McLetchie (Summer 2011 – Fall 2011)
    • Dan McCamish (Spring 2011 – Spring 2012)
    • Ian Becker (Fall 2010 – Spring 2012)
    • Jessica Ryan Connors (Fall 2010–Spring 2011)
    • Adam Kesheimmer (Spring 2010–Summer 2010)
    • Renu Ramesh (Fall 2010–Fall 2011)
    • Sabrina Saia (Fall 2009–Summer 2010)
    • Russell Cunningham (Fall 2009–Spring 2010)
    • Adam Dickinson (Summer 2009)
    • Kevin Handel (Summer 2009–Summer 2010)
    • Brittany Schneider (Spring 2009–Spring 2010)
    • Adam Dickinson (Spring 2009)
    • Bonnie Leksrisawat (Spring 2009)
    • Bonnie Leksrisawat (Fall 2008–Spring 2009)
    • Jacob R. Beard (Fall 2008)
    • William (Billy) Etheridge (Summer 2007)
    • Jessica Huber (Summer 2007)
    • Katherine (Katie) Huber (Summer 2007)
    • Emily Cottrell (Spring 2007–Summer 2007)
    • Alysha Lewis (Spring 2007)
    • Carrie Curtis (Fall 2006)
    • Brian Schleter (Fall 2006)
    • Taylor Tardy (Fall 2006–Summer 2008)
    • Carrie Curtis (Summer 2006–Spring 2007)
    • Christopher Ryan Ernst (Summer 2005)
    • Benjamin Smith (Fall 2005)
    • Lauren Cline (Summer 2004)
    • Fabiola Djojo (Summer 2004)
    • Oriaku Njoku (Summer 2004)
    • Frances Ann Thomas (Summer 2004; Transylvania University student)
    • Sara Cline (Summer 2004; Transylvania University student)
    • Scott Serdoz (Fall 2003–Spring 2004)
    • Denise Johnson (Fall 2003–Summer 2005)
    • Chee Beng Yap (Richard; Summer–Fall 2003)
    • Ana Lucia P. DeSouza (Summer 2003–Fall 2004)
    • Lisa Hitchcock (Summer 2003–Summer 2006)
    • Maria Gomez (Summer 2003)
    • Lana Ng (Spring 2003)v
    • Maysaa El Tigani El-Sayyid (Fall 2003–Spring 2004)
    • Oriaku Njoku (Fall 2002–Summer 2005)
    • Laura Hettinger (Fall 2002–Spring 2003)
    • Kim Carrico (Spring 2002–2003)
    • E. Courtney Elkins (Fall 2002)
    • Jennifer L. McCauley (Fall 2001)
    • Stephanie Wyatt (Fall 2001–Spring 2002)
    • J. Matt Fulkerson (Summer 2001–Fall 2001)
    • Jennifer L. Smith (Spring 2001–Spring 2002)
    • R. Nathan Correll (Spring 2001–Spring 2002)
    • R. Nathan Correll (Fall 2001–Spring 2002)
    • Jennifer L. Smith (Fall 2001–Spring 2002)
    • Marsha Bush (Summer 2001, Spring–Fall 2002, Fall 2003)
    • Jennifer L. McCauley (Spring 2001)
    • R. Keith Rickman (Spring–Fall 2001)
    • Pasano Bojang (Summer 2001; KSU student)
    • Natasha Mwale (Summer 2001; KSU student)
    • Carolyn M. Thornton (Spr. 2001–Fall 2001)
    • E. Courtney Elkins (Fall 2000–Spring 2003)
    • Sarah J. Pollitt (Fall 2000)
    • La’Tansha Dublin (Fall 2000)
    • Brad A. Graham (Fall 2000)
    • Leigh Ann Pass (Fall 2000)
    • Tameika Dawkins (1995)
    • Amy D. Harbin (1995–1996)
    • Monica S. Thakar (1995–1996)
    • Reka Kovacs (1995)
    • John D. Martin (1995)
    • Heather Rush (1995)
    • E. Lloyd Raleigh (1994)
    • Kenn White (1994–1995)
    • Debra L. Hickman (1993–1994)


In Press

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Published Photogrpahs

  • Savalli UM & CW Fox. 1996. Photograph of Stator limbatus on Acacia greggii seeds. Science 273: 1334.
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