Conservation Biology:
Evolution in Action

Edited by:
Scott P. Carroll , University of California at Davis
Charles W. Fox, University of Kentucky

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Guideline for Authors

Table of Contents

1. Population structure and genetics of threatened taxa

1. The history of conservation genetics – John Avise (final version)
2. Effects of population size on population viability – David Reed (final version)
3. Demographics vs. genetics in conservation biology – Barry Brook (final version)
4. Metapopulation structure and the conservation consequences of population fragmentation – Julianno Sambatti, Eli Stahl and Susan Harrison (final version)
5. The influence of mating systems on conservation genetics and conservation decisions – Michele Dudash and Courtney Murren (final version)

2. Conserving biodiversity within and among species

6. The importance of conserving evolutionary processes – Tom Smith and Greg Gether (final version)
7. Phylogenetic diversity and conservation – Daniel P. Faith (final version)
8. Costs and benefits of genetic specificity in re-introductions – Philippine Vergeer, Andrew Hendry, and N. Joop Ouborg (final version)
9. Evolutionary change in conserved taxa: extinction through hybridization or introgression? – Judith Rhymer (final version)

3. Evolutionary responses to environmental change

10. Evolution in response to climate change – Julie Etterson (final version)
11. Evolutionary dynamics of adaptation to environmental stress – George Gilchrist and Donna Folk (final version)
12. Managing phenotypic variability with genetic and environmental heterogeneity: adaptation as a fgirst principle of conservation biology – Scott Carroll and Jason Watters (final version)
13. Genetic diversity, adaptive potential and population viability in changing environments – Elizabeth Boulding (final version)

4. Conservation and evolution in biotic interactions

14. Mosaic coevolution and its implications for threatened taxa – Craig W. Benkman, Thomas L. Parchman and Adam M. Siepielski (final version)
15. The next communities: evolution and integration of invasive species – Scott Carroll (first draft)
16. Evolution in response to extinction – Gary Vermeij (final version)
17. Evolutionary dynamics of disease threats to biodiversity – Sonia Altizer and Amy Pederson (final version)

5. Evolutionary management

18. Genetics, ecological and political trade-offs in ecological reserve design – Maile Neel (final version)
19. Managing transgene flow to wild plants – Michelle Marvier (final version)
20. Evolution and sustainability of harvested populations – Mikko Heino and Ulf Dieckmann (final version)