Ramona R. Rush

Ramona R. Rush attended Little River (KS.) Schools, Hutchinson (KS.) Community College, the University of Kansas, and the University of Wisconsin, majoring in pre-journalism, journalism, radio-tv-film, and mass and international communications, respectively. At the University of Wisconsin where Rush earned her Ph.D., she emphasized international communications and received a minor in Ibero-American Area Studies. She spent 1968-69 in Peru doing dissertation research on cognitive modernity and communication. She has served as an administrator, teacher, and researcher in mass and international communications at Kansas State University, The University of Florida, Tulsa University, and The University of Kentucky, where she was the College of Communication's first dean in 1977. Her teaching and research interests include international/intercultural communications, mass communication and society, environmental and ecological communications, communication and "others" (women, minorities, lesbigaytrans-sexual, older), peace communications, and media literacy/education. Rush is currently a faculty affiliate with UK's Women's Studies Program, Latin American Studies Program, Social Theory group, and maintains an active faculty role in the graduate program of the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce. She is co-editor of and chapter author within Women Transforming Communications (Sage 1996) and Communications at the Crossroads (Ablex 1989), and has published in several journals in the field of communications. She is currently working on a book that will survey the literature for the progress of women in communications, 1969-99, and updating an initial study in the field she and others did about three decades ago; the research is supported by three separate grants from the Freedom Forum and the Knight Foundation. Rush has worked in professional communications as a promotional copywriter at KMBC-TV in Kansas City; in political communications in Kansas and Washington, D.C. as a press secretary to a U.S. Senator; and in academic and professional mental health mass communications.

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