Clayton Thyne: DGS page

1625 Patterson Office Tower

University of Kentucky

Lexington, KY 40506-0027

859-257-6958 (office)

859-257-7034 (fax)

859-396-6871 (cell)

Information for Prospective Students:

PSCI Graduate Program Information

Information about UK & Lexington

New Student Guide

Forms for Students:

Graduate Student Handbook


Conference Proposal Form


Graduate Student Self-Assessment


External Studies Funding Request


Forms for Faculty:

Advisory Committee Review Report


TA Class Observation Form


Record of Incomplete


Sample Syllabi:


Syllabus Template


All collected undergrad syllabi (zipped file)


All collected grad syllabi (zipped file)


Other (somewhat random) stuff:


A good article on teaching mistakes


Funded grad student survival guide


A good article on how to get the mentoring that you want in grad school.


Examples of past student comprehensive exams.