Philosophy of Psychiatry Bibliography  

Page 3:
Psychoanalysis and Its Critics

Compiled by Christian Perring

Philosophy of Psychiatry Bibliography Pages 

Page 1: 
Ethics and Philosophy
Page 2: 
Law, Gender and Antipsychiatry
Page 3: 
Psychoanalysis and its Critics
Page 4: 
Psychiatry Past and Present
Page 5: 
Narratives of Mental Illness
General Issues
The Law and Criminal Responsibility
History of Psychiatry
Psychotherapists' Tales
Gender and Sexuality
Psychoanalysts' Lives
Personal Accounts
Psychiatric Classification
Antipsychiatry and Critical Theory
Critiques of Psychoanalysis
Theory and Practice
Philosophy of Mind
Fiction and Literary Criticism


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Psychoanalyst's Lives

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Criticisms of Psychoanalysis

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I do not necessary endorse any of the books I list.  I certainly have not read them all, and some I have never even seen.  The main criteria for inclusion in this bibliography are that a book should address some issues relevant to assessing the status of psychiatry and the mental health profession, or may be useful in making such an assessment.  Obviously, this list is not exhaustive, but I intend to keep it up to date and I am always ready to get suggestions for additions.

Deciding in which category a book should fall is in many cases difficult, since the categories I use are not mutually exclusive, and books can be hard to classify.  This is especially so in the case of psychoanalysis, where the theory is intimately connected with the theorists, and understanding psychoanalysis requires knowing its history.  Inevitably some of the classifications I have made may seem arbitrary.  I may change the categories in the future, and I would be interested in suggestions for alternative categorizations.

E-mail me with any corrections or suggestions.