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PHI 305 Take-home exam. Due Monday April 13.

4-5 pages. Doublespaced.

Discuss either the case of "Parental Preferences and a Child's Involvement in a Randomized Clinical Trial," (on handout, also available outside my office door in brown envelope) or the following case.


Grammar and spelling are important. Persistent errors will be penalized. Be sure that your use of any technical terms is correct. You can refer to any books you want, but any quotations must be clearly referenced.

Suppose you are an ethicist called in to help in this case. You are asked to write a short report. You should not put in your own personal opinions unless you have to. Your job is to give a professional opinion. What would you advise? In your answer, you should address the following (if applicable):

For either of these questions, you may want to do research about the issues. Your answer can devote more space to discussion of the general issues involved in the case than in previous take-home exams.

I will be available for discussion of your exam on Thursday April 9. My office hours are 4-6 pm and I can see you earlier as well.