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      The Case Against the Death Penalty
Main Points, from Scott Rizzo

1. There is no concrete evidence to support that the Death Penalty is an
effective deterrent to crime.

2. The Death Penalty is not a cost effective means for handling serious
offenders; it can actually cost substantially more to execute someone than to
imprison him or her for life.

3. The increased rate of discovery of innocent people on death row along with
significant racial biases present, provide a clear sign that our process for
sentencing death is fraught with fundamental errors.

There are a few things that may need clarification from our side; from Diane Gahafer

It is important to realize that those of us who oppose the death penalty
are NOT on the side of the murderers.  We believe that they deserve to be
PUNISHED for their crime.  We do not feel sorry for them.  However, we do
not feel that death is the way to CORRECT their mistakes.  Tehy are still

The cornerstone of our case against capital punishment is that it DOES NOT
WORK.  Not only is it not a deterrent, it is imposed unfairly; it is murder.

Forget the statistics for a minute and THINK.... do you feel comfortable
knowing that innocent people have been wrongly accused of a murder and DIED
because of it?
Do you want to be the one to administers the shock waves or the lethal
dosage?  I'd like to hear from people who can answer YES to this question.

Personally, I believe that the issue is not only a legal dilemma but a
moral one as well. I recognize the separation between church and state...
but does our social conscious ever play a role?