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PHI350 Schedule for Presentations/Debates

T 27 Causes of Death (DSHE Ch. 4)  FULL
 Presentation: How medicine and health care have prolonged our lifespans.  Comparison of North America now with the past, and with other parts of the world.

R 29 The Process of Dying  FULL
 Presentation: What role do hospitals and technology play in our last days?

T 10 Legal Criteria of Death (EIDD §1 The Definition of Death) FULL
 Presentation: Medical Views of Death different religions

R 12 Life After Death, Test FULL
 Presentation: Views of the afterlife in different religions

T 17 Looking for Proof (DSHE Ch. 14) FULL
 Presentation: Evidence of ghosts and communication with the dead

R 19 Is Suicide Wrong? (DSHE Ch. 8) (EIDD §3 Classical Problems)
 Presentation: The role of suicide in modern society   FULL

2 mini presentations:

T24 Truth Telling (EIDD §2 Truthtelling with Dying Patients) FULL
 Debate: should health care professionals ever withhold the prognosis from dying patients (from age 12)?

T 3 March The Rights of Incompetent Conscious Adults (EIDD §7 Decisions on Behalf of Adults)
 Debate:   Should severely mental retarded and senile people with life threatening diseases be given the same health care as the rest of us?

R 5 The Right to Refuse (DSHE Ch. 10 pp 235-258) (EIDD §3 The Prevention of Suicide; §5 Intending and Causing Death)
 Presentation: How easy is it to to refuse life-saving treatment for oneself in hospitals today?  FULL

T 10 Dying Children (DSHE Ch. 11), Test
 Presentation: Dying Children's (under 12) Right to Control their Death

R 12  Living Wills and Organ Donation
Presentation: Living Wills and Organ Donation in Kentucky CANCELLED

T 24 Measuring the Quality of Life  [See Encyclopedia of Bioethics in Bio Sciences & Med Center Libraries]
 Presentation: Why would it be useful to measure the quality of life, and how could we do so? 

R 26 The Effect of AIDS (DSHE Ch. 7) Visiting Speaker

T 31 Facing Death and Dying with Dignity (DSHE Ch. 5), Test
 Presentation: Kubler-Ross and other approaches

R April 2 Hospice Care and Palliative Care (DSHE Ch. 6)
 Presentation: Hospices in Kentucky FULL

T 14 Terrorism (DSHE Ch. 9 pp. 218-228)
 Debate: Terrorism is never justified

R16 The Death Penalty (DSHE Ch. 9 pp. 207-218)
 Debate: Should Kentucky keep the death penalty?