Policies for BCH/PPA/PLS 609 (David Hildebrand’s part)





As we encourage and utilize active learning and learn from each other when feasible in this class it is important that you be on time and minimize your absences.  We are flexible about excusing your presence in class but ask that you get the instructor’s approval at least one class period prior to your absence except in emergencies. 





Assignments are due at the beginning of class on due dates. 



Cheating and Plagiarism


According to UK regulations the minimum penalty for documented cases of cheating or plagiarism is an E for the course. 



The Students Rights & Responsibilities handbook specifies the relationship between students and the University.  It can be accessed on the University of Kentucky Web Page at:




Printed copies can be requested from the following places:


Office of the Dean of Students                                Office of the Ombud

 513 Patterson Office Tower                                    109 Bradley Hall


Student Government Association Office                William T. Young Library

120 Student Center