BCH/PPA 503 Final exam May 8, 1998 Name ___________________


  1. What are the principal S containing molecules in plants? How are they synthesized and what are their main metabolic roles? (25 points)
















  1. Recently researchers in Texas reported on the highly significant anti-tumor (cancer fighting) properties of a novel porphyrin derivative they synthesized that they called texaphyrin. Devise a strategy for biosynthesis of texaphyrin in plants starting with common metabolic precursors. (30 points)

























  1. What would be the phenotypic consequences of a plant mutant unable to synthesize cellulose? (10 points)

























  1. It has been said that fatty b -oxidation is essentially the reverse of fatty acid synthesis. In what ways is this statement correct and other ways not completely true? (20 points)

















  1. Trace a path 14CO2 fed to photosynthetically active plant leaves would take to form glutamate. (25 points)