DIS 611
Management of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Group Project Guideline

1. Form groups of 3-4 students each.

2. Select a topic to present (example topics are listed below).

3. Your presentation should last at least 20 minutes and will be followed by discussion and questions.

4. Prepare a 10-15 page report (typed, double-spaced, including figures, tables, etc.) to summarize the findings of your investigation.

5. This group project accounts for 25% of your grade and will be assessed as follows:

5%     Draft 1
5%     Draft 2
15%   Report & Presentation

Content (60 points)
- Topic relevance
- Clear statement of purpose
- Coverage of topic
- Well-founded conclusion
- Thoroughness
- Quality of the report (organization, clarity, neatness)

Presentation (40 points)
- Understanding of subject matter
- Use of visuals
- Speaking volume, clarity, and pace
- Eye contact
- Response to questions

Individual scores will be adjusted based on the evaluation of your group members.

Example Topics
Review of new technologies for CIM
Success/Failure stories of CIM applications
AI tools and applications in manufacturing
Research issues and directions of CIM/GT/FMS/...
Assessment of the status of CIM/GT/FMS ... in the U.S. versus other countries
Reality check on CIM/GT/FMS ...
Extension of CIM concepts to service industries


Sept. 21

Topic selected

Oct. 5

Outline due

Oct. 26

1st draft due

Nov. 9

2nd draft due

Nov. 30

groups 1-2 presents

Dec. 7

groups 3-4 presents

Dec. 7

Report due