Answer to the practice exam.

Part I.




Part II.

GT: Group technology.A concept in which similar parts are grouped together to improve manufacturing effectiveness.

CAD:Computer-aided design.The use of computer technology in all activities associated with designing a part or product such as modeling, drafting, and analysis.

CAPP:Computer-aided process planning.The use of computer technology in process planning which involves selecting production activities and their parameters for embodying the design into a tangible product.There are two types of CAPP software: generative and variant.A generative CAPP develops a new process plan from scratch.On the other hand, a variant CAPP produces a process plan by modifying existing standard plans.

Part III.

CIM is both a concept and a technology.It began as a concept and realized by using an array of technologies.The concept of integrating the total manufacturing enterprise is made possible with the use of integrated systems and data communications, as illustrated by the CIM wheel (incorporate figure 1.1).However, technology alone is not the key to unlocking the full potential of CIM.Management philosophy that focuses on integration, quality, and flexibility, etc. is equally important.In fact, the proposal of using a CIE wheel (incorporate figure) for a more accurate portrayal of CIM further supports the view that CIM is both a concept and a technology.