Group Project Guideline


1/26 Form groups of 4-5 students each.


2/23 Find a database application that has about 5 to 10 entities. Describe the application, information requirements, and the function the database is supposed to perform. Clearly state any assumptions you make about the application. Any application is fine. Ideal place to look is at your work this could be a great opportunity for you to enhance your grade and make your boss happy (maybe you will get promoted !!). (4 points)


3/9 Do the conceptual data modeling using the E-R diagram. You may well go through several iterations and refinements in the process, but you need to report only the final results. (3 points)


3/30 Do the logical and physical design of the database.   Represent the elements of the conceptual design model in a relational data model. Apply normalization principles to translate your set of relations so that they are in 5NF. Develop a composite usage map.  Denormalize your 5NF relations if necessary. Incorporate any other physical design features as desired. (3 points)


4/25-4/27 Implement the relational database and create some sample data (at least 15 tuples for each table as sample data) using Access. Formulate 10-15 frequently used queries and some innovative queries that you can visualize. Run the queries against your relational database. Try to employ as many advanced features of ACCESS in your implementation as you see fit. Demonstrate your ACCESS system to the class (about 20 minutes). (10 points)


4/27 Prepare a report to document your entire database development effort, i.e., from initiation to implementation, and discuss to what extent the user requirements of the system are accomplished. The report should be about 10-15 pages (typed, double-spaced, including figures, tables, etc.). Turn in a printed copy of the report and an electronic copy of the completed system. (10 points)


Note: Your individual score will be adjusted based on the evaluation of your group members.