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From this page you can access a pdf copy of William James's Talks to Teachers on Psychology: And to Students on Some of Life's Ideals. A couple of small points.
  • The text has been scanned from a first edition volume of the book [my first edition volume of the book You're welcome.]. Consequently, you'll notice that the print quality will not be as good as if it had been scanned from a modern printing. Scanning the original volume, however, has certain advantages, primary among them the fact that there is no copyright infringement. But there are two other great reasons why you want this edition instead of others:

    1. You get the original Table of Contents. This is great because it is this table that contains some of James' most quotable quotes ["To remember, one must think and connect." - go ahead and see if you can find it]. None of the modern reprints include this table of contents.
    2. You also get nifty headings on each odd page, and these headings are actually quite explanatory and additive to the text ["Will is attention to an idea."]. None of the reprints have this either.
    3. You're welcome.

  • I have scanned two book pages on one page, so you'll save paper when you print. Google scanned one book page per page for their google book copies [here/4.8 MB and here/4.5 MB if you want them], which will cause you to use twice the paper. Their copies are a little bit sharper, of course, but they don't have OCR and they'll kill more trees when you print.

  • But here is the killer app. The scan includes OCR (Optical Character Recognition), thus the text is "searchable." Although this makes the pdf document ever so much more useful, you'll note that it also makes it ever so much larger [4.46 MB]. In addition, because of the typesetting used and the age of the volume, the OCR is only about 90% reliable. Nonetheless, that's ever so much better than 0% reliable.

  • Finally, and for those of you for whom these things matter, the book was scanned using the Newspaper, Print(300 dpi) setting on a Canon 8800F. So the lovely brown hues of the 109-year-aged pages are completely lost. Had I maintained those lovely hues, the document size would have been incredibly large. And you can't see it when you print any way. But if you want to see them, feel free to click on the lovely graphic to the right to see a sample page with the lovely brown hues. You're welcome.

The book should be cited as:

James, W. (1899). Talks to teachers on psychology: And to students on some of life's ideals. New York: Henry Holt and Company.

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Talks To Teachers, First Edition OCR pdf was scanned August 17, 2008.
A note about copyright.

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