Current Pic very_lo.jpgGrayson C. Brown
Professor, Ph. D. 1978, Washington State University


     Public Health Entomology/Integrated Pest Management 



Research Interests

Presently, I am mostly engaged in Public Health Entomology with emphasis on integrated management of human disease vectors.  I direct the University of Kentucky's Public Health Entomology Laboratory and you can find out about our current projects there.  In general, though, most of our work involves researching mosquitoes in urban and suburban environments and evaluating/developing management techniques for them.  We work with state, county, and municipal health departments in a variety of ways in order to meet this goal.

Potential Students

If you are interested in exploring a possible graduate program in the rewarding field of Public Health Entomology, please drop us a line. 


I currently teach Integrated Pest Management (ENT 530).
Beginning in Fall, 2001, I will also offer a new course in Advanced Applied Entomology (ENT 574).


For further information contact:

Grayson C. Brown
Department of Entomolgy
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY  40546

Phone: (606) 257 - 3148
FAX:    (606) 323-1120

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