Your total scores before the final exam are here. Some issues to note: There were 7 quizzes. I dropped your lowest score, and divided the remaining score by 24 (max score for 6 quizzes) and then multiplied by 50. I added or subtracted points for attendance as detailed in the syllabus. Also, as indicated in the syllabus, if you fail the lab you fail the course. Therefore, if you got less than 75 points in the lab (50%), you will not pass the course. Your subtotal before final will allow you to compute the final exam score necessary to attain any given grade.

Final Exam Review Topics

All topics from the first 2 exams (5-10 questions)

general facts about information processing

general facts about neural transmission of information


Current Topics:

well-defined vs ill-defined problems

impediments to problem solving

information-processing approach to problem solving

research on p.s.

analogical p.s.


inductive vs. deductive reasoning

truth & validity in syllogisms

[antecedent,consequent] x [affirm,deny]

Wason task, abstract and concrete versions


judgment errors

base rates

utility theory

consciousness chapter







PSY 427 - Cognitive Processes

T & Th 11:00 12:15 (301 Barker Hall)
Lab meets Mondays 3 - 4:50

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  Updated Apr 27, 2010

Instructor: Lawrence R. Gottlob  


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