Teaching with Online Case Studies
November 23, 1999
University of KY

Presenters: Rene Hales and Tim Symons


Zero Tolerance at Layne County

A case study that allows school administrators to explore critical issues in a risk-free setting. Created by Mable Kinzie, Ph.D., Margaret Corgan, Ph.D., & Susannah McGowan, M.Ed., University of VA (1999)



An interactive multimedia web development project in special education by Michael Gerber, Judy English & George Singer

Try the CaseLink course. This material is in Beta testing phase and not all cases are available.


Case Studies: Explorations in Instructional Technology & Design

This site is sponsored by Mable Kinzie and the graduate students of the Instructional Technology Program at the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia.

Try the ID Case-Book


Economics 92: Current economic problems: the economics of NC

This course is organized around seven case studies of approximately two weeks apiece. Each case study examines an economic issue of concern to the residents of North Carolina. The case studies are chosen to highlight and extend economic concepts introduced in Economics 10, while also providing skills in organizing and examining data.


Writing in organizations

This case is based on a make-believe company, Virtual Records. You are a new employee there, in the Communication Department. Your job is to interview staff members so that you can advise your boss, Angela Whitaker, on a project she wants to start.


Bonus PDF files




What is case-based learning?


A brief guide to writing good case studies for the occupational injury project


This is the first of three guidelines for the Occupational Injury Project:

  1. A brief guide to writing good case studies
  2. A brief guide to teaching with case studies
  3. A brief guide to orienting learners to the use of case studies

This is a World Wide Web site for teachers interested in the use of the case method in International Affairs. Sponsored by the Active Learning in International Affairs Section (ALIAS) of the International Studies Association, CaseNet participants include a large number of Pew Faculty Fellows and a growing number of faculty world-wide who are experienced, or simply interested in teaching international affairs with cases and other active learning approaches.


Books & Articles

Getting down to cases: Learning to teach with case studies

Wasserman, Selma, Teachers College Press, Teachers College, Columbia University: NY (1993)

Focuses on the use of case studies in teacher education.

Introduction to case method teaching: A guide to the galaxy

Wasserman, Selma, Teachers College Press, Teachers College, Columbia University: NY (1994)

Teaching and the case method: Text, cases, and readings
Barnes, L.B., Christensen, C. R., & Hansen, A. Harvard Business School Press, Boston: MA (1987)
Development of a collaborative distance learning program to facilitate pediatric problem-based learning
Kamin, C. S., Deterding, R. D. Wilson, B. W. et al Med Educ Online (1999, 4.2) available from http://www.Med-Ed-Online.org/t0000008.htm#top