Biogeography Specialty Group Award Recipients
James J. Parsons Distinguished Career Award
The Parsons Award, named in honor of long-time University of California-Berkeley professor James J. Parsons, was created in 1998 to recognize outstanding lifetime achievements in the field of biogeography.  Criteria used to assess a candidate’s merit for this award include a distinguished research career, remarkable dedication to the development of undergraduate and graduate students in biogeography, and outstanding service to the discipline.
2021 Kathy Parker University of Georiga  
2020 Janet Franklin University of California - Riverside  
David Butler
Texas State University - San Marcos
Glen MacDonald
University of Southern California
Sally Horn
University of Tennessee
Al Parker
University of Georgia
William Baker
University Wyoming
Thomas Veblen
University of Colorado - Boulder
George Malanson
University of Iowa
Martin Kellman
York University
Julian Szeicz
Queen's University of Ontario
Tom Vale
University of Wisconsin - Madison 
Clarissa Kimber
Texas A&M University