University of Kentucky
Dr. J. Anthony Stallins
Department of Geography
Fall 2022
BIO/GEO 530 - Biogeography and Conservation
Grades to date
Aug 22 M Introduction  
Aug 24 W 1. These birds aren't lost. They're adapting (NYTimes)
Aug 26 F 2. Darwin's finches prove a mechanism for the rapid formation of new species (Science)
Aug 29 M External 3. The dark side of light (Nature)
Aug 31 W 4. Accidental oasis (PNAS)
Sept 2 F 5. To map a coral reef, peel back the seawater (NYTimes)
Sept 5 M Labor Day
Sept 7 W Internal 6. The symphony in your cells (Nature)
Sept 9 F 7. How to survive in a human-dominated world (Science)
Sept 12 M 8. Aquarium accident may have given this crayfish the DNA to take over the world (Science)
Sept 14 W Biotic 9. Costs and benefits of living with predators (Science)
Sept 16 F 10. Predator prey cycles achieved at last (Nature)
Sept 19 M 11. A grizzly bear survival program for grizzlies (NYTimes)
Sept 21 W Review
Sept 23 F Test 1
Sept 26 M
Sept 28 W Historic 12. A wild hope (Science)
Sept 30 F 13. Tsunami debris spells trouble (Science)
Oct 3 M 14. No microbiome is an island (Science)
Oct 5 W 15. These animal migrations are huge - and invisible (NYTimes)
Oct 7 F Scale 16. Tasmanian tigers are extinct. Why do people keep seeing them? (NYTimes)
Oct 10 M 17. Tree thieves (NYTimes)
Oct 12 W 18. The secret lives of bees as horticulturists? (Science)
Oct 14 F Vegetation dynamics 19. DNA from Arctic lakes traces past climatic events (Nature)
Oct 17 M 20. Lasting signature of forest fragmentation (Science)
Oct 19 W 21. Fighting a fungal scourge (PNAS)
Oct 24 M Fall Break
Oct 26 W Review
Oct 28 F Test 2
Oct 31 M
Nov 2 W Disturbance 22. Forest fight (Science)
Nov 4 F 23. Fiery invasions (Science)
Nov 7 M Complexity 24. Clearing the tinderbox (Science)
Nov 9 W 25. Q and A with Simon Levin (PNAS)
Nov 11 F 26. Indigenous knowledge reveals history of fire-prone forests (Nature)
Nov 14 M Resilience 27. Rapid reorganization of global biodiversity (Science)
Nov 16 W 28. Nature from nurture (Science)
Nov 18 F 29. The world's species are playing musical chairs (Nature)
Nov 21 M Thanksgiving Break
Nov 23 W
Nov 25 F
Nov 28 M Biodiversity: description and theory 30. The biodiversity revolution (Nature)
Nov 30 W 31. Community stability in the microbial world (Science)
Dec 2 F 32. Completing Wallace's journey (Science)
Dec 5 M Prep Days - Review of written essays and terms for Test 3
Dec 7 W
Dec 9 F Reading Day - No class
Dec 12 M Test 3 (Terms) - 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Dec 15 R Test 3 (Written essays) due in Canvas by 11:59 pm Thursday, Dec 15th