Fall 2020 University of Kentucky
GEO 530/BIO 530 Biogeography and Conservation
Course Syllabus
Zoom Dates: Mondays and Wednesdays
Zoom Time: 1:00-1:50
Dr. J. Anthony Stallins
Department of Geography
Zoom office hours: 12:30 - 3:00 Tues and Thur
Quammen, D. (1997). The song of the dodo: Island biogeography in an age of extinctions.
17-Aug M Thirty-Six Persian Throw Rugs
19-Aug W
21-Aug F The Man Who Knew Islands
24-Aug M
26-Aug W
28-Aug F So Huge a Bigness
31-Aug M
2-Sep W (Zoe)
4-Sep F Rarity Unto Death
7-Sep M
9-Sep W
11-Sep F Preston's Bell
The Coming Thing
14-Sep M
16-Sep W
18-Sep F The Hedgehog of the Amazon
The Song of the Indri
21-Sep M
23-Sep W
25-Sep F World in Pieces
28-Sep M
30-Sep W
2-Oct F Message from Aru
5-Oct M
7-Oct W
Losos, J. B. (2018). Improbable destinies: Fate, chance, and the future of evolution.
9-Oct F
Nature's Doppelgangers
12-Oct M
14-Oct W
16-Oct F
Experiments in the Wild
19-Oct M
21-Oct W
23-Oct F
Evolution Under the Microscope
26-Oct M
28-Oct W (Randi)
Schilthuizen, M. (2019). Darwin comes to town: How the urban jungle drives evolution.
30-Oct F  
2-Nov M
4-Nov W
6-Nov F
9-Nov M (Anna) City Life
11-Nov W (Katie) Cityscapes
13-Nov F City Encounters
16-Nov M
18-Nov W (Eliza)
20-Nov F Darwin City (no class meetings this week)
23-Nov M
4-Dec F Essays due in Canvas (5:00 pm)