Spring 2021
ENS 202 - Environment and Sustainability II
Natural Sciences and Policy
Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-10:45 am
J. Anthony Stallins
University of Kentucky - Dept of Geography

Zoom office hours: Mondays 11 - 1 and Fridays 9 - 11
(Make appts through links available in Canvas)

1. The world viewed through sense, mind and context: where science and policy begin

Jan 26 T Introduction  
28 R Philosophy and science  
2 T Scale The Lost Norse (Science)
4 R Sampling We Cannot Live By Scepticism Alone (Nature)
9 T   Who Would Kill a Monk Seal? (NYTimes)
11 R In-class unit assessment group preparation  
15 M Assessment 1 video due Monday Feb 15 in Canvas  

2. Order, disorder, and complexity: science and policy
as co-evolutionary dynamic

16 T Ecological order and disorder Free Agents (Science)
18 R Complexity Can Humankind Escape the Tragedy of the Commons? (PNAS)
23 T Resilience theory How To Stop the Wildfires (Persuasion)
25 R Adaptive management  
2 T    
4 R In-class unit assessment group preparation  
8 M Assessment 2 video due Monday March 8 in Canvas  
3. Understanding prediction and human behavior for environmental policy
9 T Game theory Tit for Tat (Radiolab)
11 R Models and modeling Nudging Pro-Environmental Behavior (Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution)
16 T Climate change modeling and policy The Cognitive Biases Tricking your Brain (Atlantic)
18 R    
23 T    
25 R In-class unit assessment group preparation  
29 M Assessment 3 video due Monday March 19 in Canvas  

Rethinking biodiversity and policy

30 T Constraints on biodiversity conservation policies The Last Two Northern White Rhinos on Earth (NYTimes)
1 R Reframing the idea of biodiversity The Ultimate Pursuit in Hunting Sheep (NYTimes)
6 T Cultural narratives about megafauna conservation policy Trophy (video)
8 R Island and mosaic approaches to biodiversity policy  
13 T    
15 R In-class unit assessment group preparation  
19 M Assessment 4 video due Monday April 19 in Canvas  

5. A good versus a bad Anthropocene

20 T Environmentalist or ecomodernist policies
  The Problem With Putting a Price on the End of the World (NYTimes)
22 R Algorithmic Earth   Wall Street Eyes Billions in the Colorado's Water (NYTimes)
27 T Financializing nature   Animal Planet (NYTimes)
29 R Engineering the biosphere    
May 4 T In-class unit assessment group preparation    
6 R Reading Days
7 F
13 R Assessment 5 video due Thursday May 13 in Canvas