The Plan for Change cont...


In the case of the sniper shootings in Maryland and Virginia the taxing of guns could have been the key in preventing these events from occurring in the first place. The Bushmaster .233 was the weapon that was allegedly used in the sniper shootings in D.C. . The Bushmaster named after the lethal venomous snake proved to be equally lethal in this situation. This gun is the semi-automatic version of the military m-16 rifle. This rifle however is priced between 500 and 600 and dollars. . "The Bushmaster is known as a cheap gun," said retired U.S. army sergeant major(Haney 1). Also with the inexpensive costs, the weapon is very easy to operate. Haney said, ďAlmost an 8-year-old child can be taught to do that in an hour, and hour-and-a-half." Along with raised prices I feel that there should be more qualifications for a person to own a gun. There should be mandatory classes, which cost money and are required for getting your gun, like getting your driverís license. With the increased cost and the classes this could drastically reduce gun sales all across the country. People would say that criminals would simply commit more crimes to pay for the costly guns. My argument to them would be how would they hold up the storeís with such ease, and rob people on the street. Taking the guns out of the hands of irresponsible people is the goal. Most people buy a gun as protection from other people with guns. This is shown by the nearly forty percent sales increase after 9/11. People were saying they didnít feel safe so they bought guns, not because they were hunting or anything else. This again shows it unnecessary for their to be such a plethora of these high powered rifles available to the common civilian.

bushmaster .233