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Lecture Notes: Aristotle

7. Nicomachean Ethics I.13, II.1-7: Virtue and the Golden Mean

VICE (defect) VIRTUE (mean) VICE (excess) PERTAINING TO
cowardice courage recklessness fear & confidence
insensibility self-control self-indulgence pleasure & pain
stinginess generosity extravagance small amounts of $
niggardliness magnificence gaudiness large amounts of $
small-mindednesshigh-mindedness vanity honor & dishonor
apathy gentleness short temper anger
self-depreciationtruthfulness boastfulness truth about oneself
boorishness wittiness buffoonery pleasantness (in amusement)
grouchiness friendliness obsequiousness, flatterypleasantness (in daily life)
shamelessness modesty “abashed at everything” sense of shame
spite righteous indignation envy pleasure & pain at fortunes of others

7. Nicomachean Ethics X.6-8: Contemplation

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