The laboratory of Dr. Jeffrey Osborn at the University of Kentucky Department of Biological Sciences provides a specialized environment which allow students and teachers of all ages to experience "science in action". The physiological research laboratory focuses upon the study of the neural control of renal sodium and water balance and the role of renal sympathetic control mechanisms in genetic models of hypertension. Current studies involve studying brain angiotensin II, sodium intake and the renal neurogenic mechanisms the control blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats.

The educational research program focuses upon: 1) providing school districts, teachers and students with the resources and tools for stimulating students to "learn science as scientific research is conducte"; 2) teachers and students linking with university resources through the Appalachian Math Science Partnership; 3) improving student achievement through the Appalachian & Minority Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Majors Program, and 4) conducting educational research on how technology and new methods of distance learning can increase K-12 student achievement in rural schools.
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