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Books and Publications

  • Troup, R.S. Silvicultural Systems. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1928.
    • Title, Table of Contents, Introduction (ch. I)
    • The Clearcutting System (ch. II)
    • Systems of Successive Regeneration Fellings and Shelterwood Systems, The Uniform System (ch. III and IV)
    • The Group System (ch. V)
    • The Irregular Shelterwood System (ch. VI)
    • Strip Systems (ch. VII)
    • The Wedge System (ch. VIII)
    • Selection System, Two-Storied High Forest, High Forest with Standards (ch. IX, X, XI)
    • The Coppice System (ch. XII)
    • The Coppice Selection System (ch. XIII)
    • Coppice with Standards (ch. XIV)
    • Conversion of Coppice Systems to High Forest (ch. XV)
    • Development and Characteristics of High Forest Systems (ch. XIX)
    • Combinations of Systems (ch. XVI)
    • Choice of System (ch. XVII)
    • Changes of System (ch. XVIII)
    • Index
Book Chapters

  • The Practice of Silviculture, Smith 1986
    •      The Response of Individual Trees to Thinning and Pruning (ch.2)
    •     Ecology of Regeneration (ch.7)
  • Oak Forest Ecosystems, McShea 2003
    •       The Ecological Basis for Oak Silviculture in Eastern North America (ch.5)
  • Timber Management: A Quantitative Approach, Clutter et al. 1983
    •       Growing Stock and Stand Density (ch.3)
Figures from Silvicultural Texts (link) 

Bibliography for selected figures and chapters

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