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Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) are not catalogued under the first name listed here, but under that of an editor (Beissinger, Frushell) or an author (Spenser)

Other research and reference materials [not on reserve, but in reference or periodicals]:

Selected Works from the Spenser Section in Young Library
5th Floor; PR 2350-2368

King Library Special Collections


Online Resources


This is the first place to start browsing. This Grand Central Spenser Station has everything: Bibliographies, Biographies, Online Texts, The International Spenser Society, etc.

Lots of useful links worth browsing through, particularly the on-line entries from
The Cambridge History of English and American Literature concerning Spenser and the images. Many biographies and individual sites listed as well.

A comprehensive listing of online texts compliments of the Edmund Spenser Homepage.

Available for on-campus users only. Discover obscure words and illuminating etymologies.

Available for on-campus users only. Who was Aigisthos? Who were King Priam's daughters? Defintions for many Classical characters and places that Spenser throws at you. Access from UK classics webpage.


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Dr. David Lee Miller Your Professor
Joshua Reid Your graduate student helper

Dr. Anne Lake Prescott

Professor at Barnard College
Dr. Jon Quitslund Emeritus of George Washington University




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This is the discussion list maintained and organized by the Spenser Society. Dr. Miller wants you to sign up and absorb the discussions going on there.

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