Extra Credit Options


Throughout the semester, several events related to gender issues and our class discussions will take place on campus. Attending these events will give you a wonderful opportunity to discover how people inside and outside academia deal with the topics we discuss in class. Aside from encouraging you to attend these events, I want to give you the chance to take advantage of the learning experience they represent and turn it into extra credit for the course. This will be, of course, totally optional and voluntary.


I will give you information about relevant upcoming events through our course website. All you have to do is to attend the entire event, take notes, and later write down an essay about it, including a summary of the major points developed in the event and your personal response to them. For each extra credit assignment you complete, you will earn an additional 1% for your final grade, as long as you fulfill the following requirements:


q Your entire essay must be double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins. Include your name, course number, and date on the top left side of the first page.

q The essay should be at least one page long (and not more than two pages of length).

q Your first paragraph/section in the essay should include a summary of the major points discussed and/or brought up in the event. For example, if you are attending a lecture, you should specify the major topics that the speaker addressed.

q Your second paragraph/section should establish the connection between the topics covered in the event and those covered in our class.

q Your final paragraph/section should include your personal reaction about the event. For instance, did you find it a positive, informative experience? Why? Why not? Make sure that you express something more than I thought it was O.K.


You can attend as many events as you want and submit the corresponding essay for each, thus gaining 1% for each essay. The maximum amount of events for which you can get credit is five. In other words, if you go to five of these events and submit one essay for each, you will receive 5 additional points (1% for each essay, 5% total) that will be later added to your final course grade. If your final GPA for the course is 85/100, submitting those five essays would turn your GPA automatically into 90/100.


Note: Feel free to e-mail me your extra credit essays, instead of submitting hard copies.

Due Date: No more than two weeks after the event.