Calendar of Events

GWS 250-001: Gender and Social Movements (Spring’11)


Throughout the semester, several events related to our class discussions will take place on campus.  Attending these events will give you a wonderful opportunity to discover how people inside and outside academia deal with the topics we discuss in class.  Aside from encouraging you to attend these events, I want to give you the chance to take advantage of the learning experience they represent and turn it into extra credit for the course.  This will be, of course, totally optional and voluntary.  Click here for more details.


VIP’s SEEDS Circuit Experience--an in-house computer-based version of SEEDS: This is a winning combination of creative media, compelling information, and hands on application. If you’ve already attended our SEEDS training, experiencing the SEEDS Circuit is a just the thing to reconnect to your mission and enhance your skills. If you have not been to a SEEDS training and you want to go through SEEDS at your own pace and schedule, this is for you. Come by the VIP Center anytime M-F, 9-5 to begin.



January 13, 2011: “Feminism Calling: Beyonce’s and Lady Gaga’s Posthuman Politics” by Robin James. (When: 4:00 pm. Where: Niles Gallery, Fine Arts Library).  Free.



January 19, 2011: “Sula, Interrupted:  Borderline Personality Disorder at the Intersection of Critical Race Studies and Crip Feminism” by Merri Lisa Johnson. (When: 4:00pm. Where: Niles Gallery, Fine Arts Library). Free.



January 27, 2011:Defending Her Honor: Black Girlhood and Interracial Sexual Violence in Jim Crow New Orleans” by LaKisha Simmons. (When: 4:00pm. Where: Niles Gallery, Fine Arts Library). Free.



January 28, 2011:History of Public Health in Appalachia” by Sandra Barney. (When: 10:00-11:30 am. Where: West End Boardroom, 18th Floor, Patterson Office Tower). Free.



January 28, 2011:Health Care Issues Common to Appalachia and South Africa” by Ida Susser, Bruce Behringer, and Peter Barron. (When: 1:00-3:15 pm. Where: West End Boardroom, 18th Floor, Patterson Office Tower). Free.



January 28, 2011:Health and Human Rights Issues” by Michael Hendryx and Peter Barron. (When: 3:45-5:30 pm. Where: West End Boardroom, 18th Floor, Patterson Office Tower). Free.



January 31, 2011: “Racial Indigestion:  Eating, ‘Sex,’ and the Political Life of the Mouth in the Nineteenth Century” by Kyla Tompkins. (When: 4:00pm. Where: Niles Gallery, Fine Arts Library). Free.



February 3, 2011: “What’s this cow doing in my queer theory?” by Carol Mason. (When: 4:00pm. Where: 211 New Student Center). Free.



February 3, 2011: Rapper MC Lyte.  (When: 7 pm. Where: Student Center Grand Ballroom). Free and open to the public.



February 8, 2011: “You Can’t Stop Me From Healing Others”—a discussion about partner violence in African American communities and our connection to it. Learn how to recognize warning signs and the way our culture portrays this issue as well as how to actively take a stand as a bystander in these situations. (When: 6:30pm. Where: Student Center, room 228). For more information contact: Charissee Ridgeway ( Free.



February 16, 2011: “Feminizing the Palestinian Nationalist Narrative in Zeina B. Ghandour’s The Honey” by Ghadir Zannoun. (When: 4:00-5:00. Where: Niles Gallery, Fine Arts Library).  Free.



February 17, 2011: “Diverse Issues and Perspectives: State of Mind” with Dr. Judy “J.J.” Jackson. (When: 7pm. Where: Student Center Small Ballroom.) Free.



February 21, 2011: “Suicide Prevention, Sexual Minorities, and Social Networking” by Vince Silenzio. (When: 4pm. Where: Center Theater, UK Student Center).  Free and open to the public.  Immediately following the presentation, please join us for refreshments and learn more about local resources at the Campus & Community Resource fair in room 206.



February 23, 2011: “Violence Against Women: A Global Crisis and Global Response” with Sarah Buel, Diane Halle, Sandra Day O’Connor. (When: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm. Where: Courtroom (room 102), UK Law Building). Lunch provided (please let us know if you prefer a vegetarian lunch). Please RSVP by February 17th to 257-2737 or



February 26, 2011: SEEDS of HOPE 2011—SEEDS Training. To register go to Free.



February 26, 2011: Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues. (When: 8pm. Where: Thorn Hill Learning Center, 700 Leslie Avenue, Frankfort, KY). Tickets are available in advance and at the door. Reserve your seats by contacting Maggie Greene at: or 502-229-5995.



March 2, 2011: “The Gender System as Industry Tool: Ideology Construction and Gendered Identities in the Coal, Timber, and Agrochemical Industries” by Shannon Bell. (When: Noon. Where: Breckinridge Hall, room 107). Free.



March 10, 2011: VOX + STARR – An officer from the STARR program (the UK self-defense program) visits VOX meeting.  (When: 7pm. Where: Student Center, room 205).  Free.



March 22, 2011: “Sexual Politics & the Politics of Sexuality” by Bettina Aptheker. (When: 4:30pm. Where: Cowgill 102, Transylvania University). Talk is free and open to the public.



March 23, 2011: “Gender, Politics, and the Spanish Avant-Garde” by Susan Larson. (When: Noon. Where: Breckinridge Hall, room 107). Free.



March 24, 2011:  “Up close and Personal:  A Conversation with Professors Ericka Huggins and Jakobi Williams.” Ericka Huggins is a former Black Panther Party member, political prisoner and human rights activist. She has spent the last 25 years lecturing throughout the United States about human rights restoration, whole child education and the role of spiritual practice in sustaining activism and promotion social change. (When: 4pm. Where: Student Center Ballroom). Free.



March 24, 2011: Screening of For the Bible Tells Me So. (When: 7pm. Where: Auditorium, W.T. Young Library). Free.



March 25 and 26, 2011: The 2011 SEEDS SUMMIT—Join the movement to revolutionize our campus at a 24 hour training to learn to reduce power based personal violence through your influence on campus. (When: 5pm. Where: Check with VIP Center). Registration begins February 1st at Free.



March 28, 2011: “Gender, Sex, and Love”—What science and society have to say about trans-genderism through both a professional and personal lens. (When: 7pm. Where: Memorial Hall).  Free.



March 28, 2011: Special Forum on the Great East Japan Earthquake. (When: between 4:10 pm and 6:10 pm. Where: W. T. Young Library Auditorium). Free.



March 28, 2011: Dr. Marci Bowers’ talk on transgenderism. (When: 7pm. Where: Memorial Hall). Free.



March 30, 2011: Take Back the Night, with a march and rally downtown to illuminate the darkness surrounding victims of violence and speak up for healing, change, and the right for everyone to live free of violence and fear. The rally will include special speakers, musical guests, a candlelight vigil, community resource tables, and more. Free and open to the public. Just meet at one of the march sites (Triangle Park, 3rd Street Stuff, or the Patterson Office Tower Plaza at UK) at 7:00pm to march down to Courthouse Plaza where the main event will begin at 7:30pm.



April 7, 2011: Darfur Diaries—Screening with Professional Panel Q&A. (When: 6pm-8pm. Where: W.T. Young Library Auditorium). Free and open to the public.



April 11, 2011: “Under the Ruffles: Shoujo 'Kawaii Power' and its Effect on Global Society” by Frenchy Lunning. (When: 6 pm. Where: W.T. Young Library Auditorium). Free and open to the public.



April 13, 2011: “Girlhood in African American Literature” by Nazera Wright. (When: Noon. Where: 107 Breckinridge Hall). Free.



April 14, 2011: “Transforming Places: Towards a Global Politics of Appalachia" by Barbara Ellen Smith. (When: 3:30pm. Where: Niles Gallery, Fine Arts Library). Free.



April 18, 2011: “Embodying Race: Gender, Sex, and the Sciences of Difference” by Melissa Stein. (When: 4 pm. Where: Student Center, room 211). Free.



April 21, 2011: “The Civil War in Black and White” by Rynetta Davis. (When: 4:00pm. Where: Special Collections, King Library). Free. Reception and exhibition viewing to follow. RSVP by Friday, 15 April 2011: 859-257-1742 or



April 21, 2011: Showing of the film Bhutto, about Benazir Bhutto’s life story. (When: 6 pm. Where: downtown Lexington Public Library, Central Branch Theater, 140 East Main St.) Free and open to the public.



April 28, 2011: “Men’s Experiences of Violence in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, India: The Causes and Impact of Violence on Men in India Today” by Alex Broom. (When: Noon. Where: W.T. Young Library Auditorium). Free.



April 29, 2011: “The Position of Women in Post-Apartheid South Africa: An Assessment of Gains and Losses” by Zohra Ebrahim. (When: 1:00 pm. Where: Student Center, Room 205). Free.